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Peanuts - Sally

The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella

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Well then, this one took me by surprise. I'm not a chick lit kind of a person to tell the truth, but I'm rapidly learning that there's chick lit and there's 'Chick Lit'. Daughter number two recommended the author to me after we saw an article about chick lit authors in the new Waterstones magazine. Kinsella herself tells people she writes 'contemporary romantic comedies' apparently and I can see why. Think of chick lit and you immediately think of something badly written and only appealing to twenty-somethings. Well, I do anyway. The Undomestic Goddess is neither of those things. To tell the truth I couldn't put the thing down which, taking into account how busy I've been the last few days, was rather inconvenient really. *g*

So, what is the book about? Well, It's about Samantha Sweeting who is a high flying lawyer with the biggest and best firm of solicitors in London. It's her dream to be a partner and to this end she's spent seven years working all the hours God sends and basically having no life. This dream of hers is about to happen when she makes a mistake - a bad one. In deep shock she walks out, gets on a train, and ends up in The Cotswolds. Here she's mistaken for an applicant for the role of housekeeper to Eddie and Trish (she would have to be played by Lorraine Chase in a movie, surely?) who are, well... kind of nouveau riche I suppose. They have no clue that Samantha is a high flying lawyer and that she can't boil an egg let alone run a household. What happens when Samantha takes on this role, forms a relationship with the gardener, Nathaniel, and finds her life at last makes for a very entertaining read. I was dying to to see what happened when the past eventually caught up with her and that, in my book (no pun intended), made it a page turner. Truthfully, I absolutely loved it as, not only is it a fun read, it also raises many serious questions about the role of women in modern society.

I gather Kinsella has written a series about a shopaholic and that those are quite good too. I need to check those out obviously, find out which is the first... me being the sort who hates reading books out of order... and get reading.

Current read: Morality For Beautiful Girls - Alexander McCall Smith.


There is indeed chick lit and 'Chick Lit'. Some of it is very good, some . . . The less said about it, the better. Kinsella's books I really enjoy.

Like you, I hate to read books out of order too. So . . .

The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic
Shopaholic Abroad
Shopaholic Ties The Knot
Shopaholic And Sister
Shopaholic And Baby I haven't read this one yet, in fact I didn't know it was out until I was on Amazon yesterday.
Thanks for all the links! Very nice of you. I er... ordered the first one on Amazon marketplace. I'm sure I need a bigger tbr pile. *cough*

You're welcome.

Now why am I not surprised that you've ordered the first one :-)

And of course you need a bigger TBR pile. How is the eying up the dining room going?
How is the eying up the dining room going?

Not bad. I have my eye a rather nice bookcase from Furniture Village in Exeter... spotted when we were shopping for a sofa for J. I just have to slip the bookcase into the conversation at an appropriate time. Remind him that he should be pleased that I haven't asked him to put shelves up. :-D
Hee. Now that is a perfect and logical 'argument'. Go for it!
Yay for Kinsella. Pretty much the only "chick lit" I've read have been by her and Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones and its sequel). I wholeheartedly recommend the Shopaholic series!
Actually, I've read and enjoyed the two Bridget Jones books too.

*Waves to another Shopaholic fan*
I've seen both the Bridget Jones movies several times but never read the books. Are they very similar or vastly different?