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The High Lord - Trudi Canavan

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The High Lord was the final part of The Black Magician trilogy that I've been reading over the past few weeks. It was all about repurcussions really. What happens when Sonea joins the High Lord, their punishment, and the results of their story not being believed. Good stuff.

One thing I liked about this trilogy, (amongst many) was the fact that each book is very different. Many fantasy trilogies are just more of the same but this was not. Each book stood alone and differed from the previous one even though it had the same characters and their story was continued. No mean achievement.

I feel quite sad to have finished this series, to be honest. Canavan has another, of which two books have been written, the third to be published in July. I shall certainly read those but not yet while this one is still fresh in my mind.

Not sure what to read next. Possibly something from my Chunkster Challenge which I've been neglecting - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak maybe.


I reserved this trilogy from the library when I read your journal rec back in February, and have finally finished reading the books.

You're right in that they're real page turners. Very hard to put down! And each one is different. I found the first a little frustrating, as I was eager to get to the action, but found it intriguing as well.

As for the last! What can I say without giving too much away?? I didn't like the ending! I felt it was rushed, as if the writer was coming close to the word deadline and had to get in as much as possible. Usually I'm traumatised with an ending like that, but I was curiously left completely emotionless. (Just as well, perhaps. ;-) )

Thanks for reccing the trilogy. I spent a good few days totally immersed in Sonea's world and particularly enjoyed Book 2 which featured Dannyl's story. And I did appreciate his final epilogue.

One small thing. I know Trudi Canavan lives in Australia, but I did find a few Americanisms in the book (word usage) which surprised me. I wondered if the story had been edited for American publication.
I think I enjoyed book two the most as well. I liked all the school stuff and the intrigue.

The end of book three took me by surprise too. And like you I wasn't really devastated... I think possibly I was never that keen on that particular character. It did seem rushed - perhaps the author had already made a start on her second trilogy and wanted to get the first out of the way.

The Americanisms stuck out like a sore thumb. I wondered if they had entered your vocab over there and didn't think much more about it. Obviously that's not the case. It must have been prepared for an American readership then.

And I read somewhere that there are to be more books in this series, based I think on Sonea's *condition* at the end.

You have some fantastic authors over there these days. Have you tried Garth Nix? His Abhorsen trilogy is pretty good - Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen. No gay interest but a jolly good read. My favourite was again book 2.
Sorry to take so long to reply.

I don't know Garth Nix - I'm not all that familiar with Aussie authors at all. :/

I'm reading mostly gay books at the moment, so unless there's a gay interest involved, I'm a bit clueless.

I'm actually reading a fabulous book right now, called "The God in Flight" by Laura Argiri. I'm very much enjoying it, but I'll wait until the end before making up my mind! I just found a link about it, but haven't read this article yet, in case there are spoilers! I'm holding off reading the last pages, even though I often do that, in case the characters don't make it that far, ;-)

Link: http://www.brucebawer.com/argiri.htm