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Peanuts - Sally


Is it an unhealthy obsession to be taking photos of your books? I'm thinking it might be...

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This week's pile of books acquired... well the last couple of weeks anyway. I'm blaming nakeisha for the top two, the TV series, Waking the Dead, for the next two, someone, but I can't remember who, for the book of essays by Ursula Le Guin, and anglersrest for the last one. None of it has anything to do with me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

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The books in my Chunkster challenge minus two - one of which has been read and one of which is being read.

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Part of Mount To Be Read. Though some of these have been read, the Pratchetts for instance. And what's weird is that I had no idea I had two copies of The American Boy by Andrew Taylor until I looked hard at this pic. Anyone want one?

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More of Mount To Be Read... but not all... it's a mountain that's spread itself (again *I* had nothing to do with it) all around the house. Both these bookstacks are in my study. I'm kind of weird in that I like to keep my treasured books close. I stand and look at them sometimes and they make me smile. I'm either easily pleased or this obsession is indeed becoming unhealthy.


I'm really bad at getting rid of books too. And it's daft because I'm really not much of a rereader so keeping them all is a bit silly. I suspect I like collecting books almost as much as I like reading them. It might stem from a childhood where having books in the house wasn't really encouraged, so now I want to fill my own house with them - just because I can.

Yes, I still have some space on my bookshelves here in my study. This is because I cleared out some clutter from the lower shelves so that I had more room for books - I was after creating a travel book shelf. I've since filled quite a lot of the space but thankfully still have some left. I seem to be quite good at creating book space but am fast reaching the limit of that I have to admit. I'm not eyeing up a space in the dining room for a shiny new bookcase. :-)

Pleased to have cheered you up. You are not alone. *g*

And thank you, btw, for your lovely e.mail. Now that I'm a bit better and things are quieter I'm hoping to get caught up. I still owe you one from weeks and weeks ago.