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Shopaholic and more book porn

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I like to think I'll read most things but one of the genres I was never keen to try was chick lit. It seems to have a poorly written, unimportant kind of image and maybe I thought I was above that. Shame on me. I've discovered that chick lit doesn't have to be badly written and it's not unimportant and trivial at all. Take The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. Yes, it certainly does concern a bit of a silly girl who can't control her finances and no, I don't have a lot in common with her. The book was certainly a lot of fun to read too but that doesn't make it trivial. Underneath the absurdity of this girl's life was a very serious message about debt, the role of banks in encouraging the weak willed, and the role our parents play in our adult attitude to money. I liked this book very much indeed. I liked the fact that it was a book for women, about women's lives, and written with humour - a lot of the British references made me smile. And I don't understand at all why this has to be despised. You can't even fault the writing as Kinsella's writing is pacey, has style and a lovely sense of irony. So, what have I learnt? Not to be so bloomin' judgemental, that's what. I have the next one, Shopaholic Abroad, on my tbr pile.

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Book purchases for part of Feb. and March. My current read is on the top. *Waves to nakeisha*. Several are charity shop buys - the Anne McCaffrey I already had but didn't care for the cover. You're pretty sad when you go about replacing books because of the cover, imo. ;-) Anyway, moving swiftly on... I'm most pleased with Shelf Life edited by Greg Ketter. In several places I found Neil Gaiman listed as the 'author'. In point of fact it's an anthology and he is one of the contributors. How pissed must that make you as the editor to see that? Anyhow, it's an anthology of Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror stories all based around bookshops. It was not easy to find and I paid more than I should have on eBay but I'm still chuffed to bits to get it.

Happy Reading. :-)


*Waves back*

I'm really pleased that you enjoyed The Secret Dreamworld Of A Shopaholic. And you are quite correct in what you say; sadly the genre is written off all too easily - I did too, so you're not alone, but then I stumbled over this.

And what you say about it is spot on; yes, it's fun, no, yes, she's a silly girl, but there is indeed an underlying message in it. I hope you enjoy the other books as much.

And I'm pleased to see what's at the top of your reading pile :-) I hope you're enjoying that too.
I loved Shopaholic... couldn't stop reading it, which was awkward as we were quite busy over the weekend. ;-)

I'm *really* enjoying Knit One, Kill Two. How many of these are there?
Yes, I can imagine.

And I'm also pleased you're enjoying Knit One, Kill Two :-) There are another two out in PB at the moment and one either out or due out soon in HB, so hopefully it'll be out in PB soon; I don't like to 'mix and match' my collections. *Sheepish grin*
I wouldn't say I *despise* chicklit, it's just not my cup of tea. I like a bit of escapist fluff as much as the next person, but chicklit doesn't hit the spot with me, I'm afraid :-/
It's one thing, as with you, when it just isn't your cup of tea - that's understandable. But people on book comms. reserve such vitriol for chick lit and it's no more deserved than any other genre. There's good and bad in crime, fantasy, whatever, but chick lit seems to have a special place in people's hearts for being panned. And it's a shame really.
I suspect it's part of the wider and entrenched prejudice against 'women's books' (despite the fact that most fiction is bought by women - without women readers, I doubt *any* novels would ever get published!), because they deal with 'women's issues', which are considered less important than 'men's issues' - so spy romps are fine, however silly and badly written, because they appeal primarily to men :-/
I've never had success with any "chick lit" books besides the Shopaholic series by Kinsella and the two Bridget Jones books by Helen Fielding. I think some authors just throw together the same situations over and over again, and like you said, there isn't an ounce of substance underneath.

I have, however, found a couple books that worked that were sort of takeoffs on the chicklit genre (The Nanny Diaries and Love and Other Impossible Pursuits come to mind).

I haven't been book shopping since November! I made a promise to myself - read all the books in my house that I haven't read before going shopping for more - and I've miraculously been sticking to it. Only three more books to go! I can't wait to go to the bookstore! :)
There are one or two chick lits in the shops that look interesting at the moment. I'm going to look in the library because I don't want to buy them in case I hate them. I shall report back.

Well done you, for sticking to your promise. And happy shopping when you go and get some new books. Any ideas about what you plan to buy?
I know what you mean. I don't buy books unless I know I'll like them or, more often, I've read them already and know I love them.

As for shopping, I've had my eye on both White Mughals by William Dalrymple and Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. And I'm thinking about picking up a complete works of Jane Austen collection...I have a gift card that someone gave me upon graduation and I'd like to put it to good use.