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Knit One, Kill Two - Maggie Sefton

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Gorgeous cover on this one - even though there's a dead person's hand sticking out from under the coffee table. Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton is one of a newish breed of crime books called by various names such as 'cozy mysteries', 'craft mysteries', 'knitting mysteries'. You pays yer money and takes yer choice. I loved it. The plot wasn't necessarily taxing but that said I didn't guess whodunnit or why, so it couldn't have been that simple. Best of all for me was the knitting shop setting. I definitely want one of these! It grieves me no end that I don't know of a knitting or craft shop like this near here. It's wonderful! There's loads of unresolved stuff in the book, which hopefully will be resolved in the next books. They're on the way from Amazon, bought with a gift certificate given me at Christmas. I was waiting to find something I really wanted before I spent it and these are perfect. Thank you to maubast.

And a pome:

In a Second-hand Bookshop by Christopher Morley

What waits me on the shelves? I cannot guess,
But feel the sure foreboding; there will cry
A voice of human laughter and distress,
A word that no one needs as much as I.

For always where old books are sold and bought
There comes that twinge of dreadful subtlety -
These words were actual, and they were thought
By someone who was once alive, like me.

Love it.


Oh, yes, I too wanted to be near a knitting shop like the one she was near to. Imagine being able to have all the choice and be able to feel all those wonderful yarns. *Sighs enviously*

OTOH, image the dent it would make in your Bank balance . . .

Lovely poem.
Imagine being able to have all the choice and be able to feel all those wonderful yarns. *Sighs enviously*

Sighs too. I'm looking for a good wool source - the stuff you get in wool shops is nearly all acrylic and it would be nice to find some really nice *real* wool like you see in Welsh woollen mills.

How nice also to be able sit around knitting with people. :-) But yes... it would definitely cost... too much temptation by far.

And the next two books to this series just arrived. :-D

Now you know there is a woollen mill in your neck of the woods - ish. We went round it some years ago when we came down to Somerset once, but they also sell wool (real wool that is) on-line and by mail order too. Will dig out the details and let you know. They don't have a vast array of choice, nothing like the books have, but . . . It's real wool. Not, I hasten to add that I can wear real wool and even knitting with it can really make me itch, but J likes it.

Definitely too much temptation - but it would be nice to be tempted.

I hope you enjoy the next two as much as you enjoyed this one.
I like cosy mysteries :-) Perfect for snuggling up with - with a cuppa and some hot buttered toast, preferably :D
I think it's the first 'cosy mystery' I've read to be honest. Think of it... a whole new genre to explore. Hee.