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Darren Shan

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These two volumes are the first in a series of vampire stories by author Darren Shan. My eldest daughter and her husband have been on at me to read them for ages, the only reason I haven't being that my library didn't have the first one and I'm far too anal to start a series in the middle. There are 12 in the series so far and they're apparently for young adults. While the writing style suits its audience and the books are short and snappy, I did wonder whether the subject matter suited such a young readership. Some bits of the stories were a little extreme, but then I know very little about the tastes of teenage boys, at whom these are presumably aimed. I quite enjoyed them anyway. I still can't work out why the main character has the same name as the author, but no matter, they were a quick paranormal type read and I will probably search out a few more at some stage.