read_warbler (read_warbler) wrote,

Practically Perfect - Katie Fford

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After I've finished a book I very often pop over to Amazon to read the reviews to see what others thought. The reviews to this one slightly surprised me because it appears that some of the author's biggest fans don't feel this is her best work. 'Surprised' because I actually enjoyed Practically Perfect by Katie Fford rather a lot. It's about 'Anna' who buys a cottage in The Cotswolds to do it up. She has a lost love that she can't stop thinking about, Max, and into her life comes Rob, the greyhound rescue chappie and listed buildings officer. Oh yes, and there's a lovely greyhound called Caroline involved, and chaotic neighbour, Chloe, and well... I just thought the whole thing was charming. It's an undemanding, pleasant read and I was pleased to note there are plenty of other books by the same author. And if this really isn't one of her best then I shall have fun finding more by her in the library.
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