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Practically Perfect - Katie Fford

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After I've finished a book I very often pop over to Amazon to read the reviews to see what others thought. The reviews to this one slightly surprised me because it appears that some of the author's biggest fans don't feel this is her best work. 'Surprised' because I actually enjoyed Practically Perfect by Katie Fford rather a lot. It's about 'Anna' who buys a cottage in The Cotswolds to do it up. She has a lost love that she can't stop thinking about, Max, and into her life comes Rob, the greyhound rescue chappie and listed buildings officer. Oh yes, and there's a lovely greyhound called Caroline involved, and chaotic neighbour, Chloe, and well... I just thought the whole thing was charming. It's an undemanding, pleasant read and I was pleased to note there are plenty of other books by the same author. And if this really isn't one of her best then I shall have fun finding more by her in the library.



This sounds good.

*Runs over to Amazon to look*
So, what did you think? I thought several sounded interesting and more info can be found on each book by following the links rosie55 has supplied below. The author's site is particularly good.
It does look good, yes. It's in my basket.

I shall have to look at Rosie's links - thank you.

More books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall quote you back at yourself: "You always need more books". ;-)))
I said that?

*Blinks eyes innocently*




*Blinks eyes innocently*
I've read all of Katie's books and enjoyed them - she lives a few miles up the road so she counts as local and has even been known to speak at Literary festival events here. Very nice lady and interesting to listen to, particularly about her unsuccessful attempts to write for Mills and Boon before she got started in her own books! Don't let that put you off! Apparently M&B pay quite well! (There's an interesting interview with her here albeit a few years old! http://www.prairieden.com/front_porch/visiting_authors/fforde.html and she has a website here http://www.katiefforde.com/ Her soapbox makes entertaining reading there!)
I think my favourite of hers is still her first - "Living dangerously", partly perhaps because it's set in Stroud which I know well and I eat sometimes at the health food cafe where Katie worked for a time and which seems to appear in the book! And I liked "The Rose revived", too. In fact I might dig Living dangerously out and see whether I enjoy it as much, haven't read it for few years!
Hope you enjoy the others - a few happy hours there, I think!
What a coincidence that you've read all the books and know of the author. Spent a pleasant moment or three perusing those links. And she likes Diana Norman! Clearly a woman of impeccable taste. Yes, I obviously have a happy few hours ahead of me - which is nice.

Just checking that you got my e.mail of the 22nd? I've become rather paranoid because things still seem to be going astray. No hurry for a reply of course... just me worrying.
Yes, a really fun lady. I saw from her website that she was doing a workshop at Honiton only last week - I wondered whether you'd been and that was where you'd come across her!
And yes, I did get your lovely chatty e-mail thank you - just didn't want to dash off a hasty and short response or to respond so quickly that you felt pressured to reply again quickly! Will try to get round to it this weekend!
Yes, I saw she was in Honiton this week and thought 'Oooh'. But partly I'd already missed the date I think but also I' ve been ill all week so I couldn't have gone anyway.

Will try to get round to it this weekend!

No worries at all. I'm the last one to point a finger. :-) I was really just checking because AOL is the isp I have so much trouble with. We're changing our isp at some stage so hopefully all that will stop.
Have a peek at my BookCrossing bookshelf,I have read all the Katie Fforde books that I have (still have three to journal) so if you fancy any of them give me a shout.
Oh, thank you so much! I'll have a look over the weekend as we have the baby today and time is limited. I'll get Practically Perfect off next week... been ill all week so haven't been able to get to the PO.


Your welcome! drop me an email when your ready.
opps! sorry!
Your welcome! drop me an email when your ready.
Every time I try to check your BC shelf for these Katie Fford books, BC seens to be having a hissy fit or taking ages to load. The one I'm interested in is Highland Fling (I think that's its title) and I was wondering if you have it?
What a shame. I did have it but set to traveling to another BCer about 2 years ago.

The Katie Fforde's I have are (or should be!) here

If anything takes your fancy let me know and they are yours!
I found it in the library so no worries. :-)
Yep... I'll see what else I fancy after I've read that one and let you know.