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This one was a bit of a marathon read for me. I reckon I've been reading it for the best part of ten days but then it is four books in one with a page count of 690. (And thus book three of my Chunkster Challenge.)

The Earthsea Quartet, by Ursula K. Le Guin, comprises The Wizard of Earthsea, The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore - all written in the 1970s - and Tehanu, the sequel to The Farthest Shore, written in 1990. Basically, they are the life and adventures of a wizard named Ged, from the day he was found to have magical powers as a boy until... well... until whatever it was that happened to him at the end of The Farthest Shore. I'm not saying. ;-) We also meet Tenar who is High Priestess to the Nameless Ones in my favourite of the four, The Tombs of Atuan, (my fav. because it was so creepy) and Arren, the teenage Prince of Enlad, who accompanies Ged on his voyage in The Farthest Shore. Those two have large parts to play in the series and in a way you get to know them better than the enigmatic Ged because three of the four books are written mainly from their pov.

As with other good books it's hard for me to do this one justice. I thought it was superb. Le Guin's world building is mind boggling and I fell in love with the Earthsea archipeligo which consists of hundreds of islands and is thus a maritime world. You want to go somewhere... you go by boat or you don't go. There are wizards and ordinary mortals, dragons, priestesses, dead people galore, witches, royalty - the cast is endless. Best of all, I've discovered that there are two more books that I didn't know about, one a short story collection based in the Earthsea world and the second an actual sequel to Tehanu. I'm delighted and can't recommend this one enough to any fantasy fans out there.


I've been wanting to read this, I just wanted to see if I liked it before I bought the whole thing, but my library has only two of Le Guin's books!

How strongly do you recommend the book?
I liked it a *lot* I must admit. Could you maybe order it from the library? Not sure if US libraries will order book they don't stock from other nearby libraries? (As a side note when we were over there we used several of them to do e.mail on their pcs and the staff were always delightful.)

I know it's a big chunky thing and not cheap to buy... not here in the UK anyway. I got it in a three for two deal I think. It's probably also available as separate books which you might pick up cheap on eBay or second hand bookshops.
I think my library can get it from other cities libraries (they are all connected, I think). Movies and stuff make librarians mean, but they're really not. They want to help and everything. It's nice.

I can see how much it is at Amazon. They are usually pretty low priced. I could even order it when I pre-order the next HP book.

How many pages was the book?
How many pages was the book?

690. So quite chunky. It costs £12.99 ($25 or so) over here - a normal book would be £6.99. When I was over there I realised that books are cheaper in the US. We came back with a lot. :-)
690 pages! I don't know if I read a book that big before.

When I was over there I realised that books are cheaper in the US. We came back with a lot. :-)
LOL. I love book shopping. It's so much fun. I always want to leave with the whole store!
I think I'm one of the few who really didn't like Earthsea at all....
Well, it's nice I think that not everyone likes the same thing because that would be tedious. I'm curious as to why you didn't like it though?
Hmmm. Now you've got me thinking about reading it again. The last time I read it was back when it was still the Earthsea Trilogy!
Tehanu, the fourth one, did take a while to get going but once it did it was pretty good too. And I just nabbed the fifth from the library.