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Bedtime reading

X-posted to caffyolay
The book I'm reading is Saplings by Noel Streatfield. Some may know her as the author of the children's book, Ballet Shoes, which is a book I never read as a child because I was not into ballet in any way shape or form. (Council house kids didn't tend to be back then. ;-)) Anyway, so I'm reading this book which is for adults and is about a particular middle-class family during World War Two. It's pretty sad to tell the truth and basically charts the gradual disintegration of the family due to various tragedies connected with the war. I was up until 1.30 two nights in a row because it really is excellent but then I couldn't go to sleep! Why? you might ask. Well, the truth dawned eventually - I was worrying about the kids in this bloomin' book! For the almost the first time ever I'm wondering whether I should read a particular book before bedtime because the content is causing me to lose sleep. Hmm. I'm curious. Those here who read at bedtime, do you read what you've been reading during the day or do you have special, undemanding reads for that time of the day?


I read before I go to bed, but not *actually* in bed, which might make a difference :-) But even when I did used to read in bed, I would continue to read whatever book I'd been reading during the day. But I do know people who have 'bedtime books' :-)
I never have had bedtime books apart from the odd time when I was reading a particularly scary ghost story or something. Generally I just carry on reading whatever it is I'm reading at the moment. The trouble with that is when it's a very good book it tends to prey on your mind and keep you awake! LOL.
I usually read my day book in bed, but sometimes,I have a wopper and so it becomes bedtime reading
Same here. I think perhaps a travel anthology would make nice bedtime reading if your day book wouldn't do though...
I tend to continue with whatever I've been reading in the daytime, unless it's particularly scary! But I can imagine that a particularly sad or depressing book of some kind might have the same effect...
Scary was always the thing... I remember a book of *true* ghost stories based in Cornish tin mines I was reading in bed one time. Frightened the life out of me. I never thought sad or depressing would prey on my mind in such a way though.