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Vote for your favourite book of the last 25 years

It was hard but I chose The Woman in Black by Susan Hill as it's one of my all time favourite ghost stories. I wanted to choose The Book Thief too of course...


Cool. How did Waterstone's come to choose those particular books? Were they the bestsellers from each year?
I don't know and, rather oddly, they don't say. They say, 'Our top 100' so I wondered if the books were best sellers. But, thinking about it, I don't think they can be because where's Harry Potter and so on. Perhaps their staff voted. :-D Of course, many would disagree with the choices...
That was difficult - there were several of my favourites on that list (also a few books I wouldn't give houseroom too, lol!), but I went for 'The Wasp Factory' because it had a *huge* impact on me as a person, reader, and writer, and is one of the few books I can claim did actually 'change me' in some way.
Well, of course I had to go and look that up. Ian Banks. Haven't read any of his and am trying to decide whether I would like The Wasp Factory. It sounds er, 'unusual'. ;-) Perhaps I'll see if the library have it.
It's quite visceral and hard to read, and I wasn't even sure I could get through it, but the twist at the end is truly breathtaking.