read_warbler (read_warbler) wrote,

London purchases

It's been a while since I posted some bookporn so in the spirit of book lechery here're my book purchases in London, plus one.

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The Gene Wolfe was a local buy but it's such a beauty I had to include it. So anyway, six buys from Foyles and Borders in Charing Cross Road, The Persephone bookshop in Conduit Street (off Great Ormond Street),

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Waterstones in Greenwich and The Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue. Considering the numbers I usually drag back from holiday I think I was quite restrained really. Especially as I came across a very nice secondhand book sale sort of thing on The Embankment one afternoon and didn't buy a thing!

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I must be sickening for some'at. ;-) Or maybe it was the ice-cream parlour calling my name... (I had chocolate with fudge bits.)

Anyway, not a huge number of books but a lot of fun was had choosing them.
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