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London purchases

It's been a while since I posted some bookporn so in the spirit of book lechery here're my book purchases in London, plus one.

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The Gene Wolfe was a local buy but it's such a beauty I had to include it. So anyway, six buys from Foyles and Borders in Charing Cross Road, The Persephone bookshop in Conduit Street (off Great Ormond Street),

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Waterstones in Greenwich and The Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue. Considering the numbers I usually drag back from holiday I think I was quite restrained really. Especially as I came across a very nice secondhand book sale sort of thing on The Embankment one afternoon and didn't buy a thing!

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I must be sickening for some'at. ;-) Or maybe it was the ice-cream parlour calling my name... (I had chocolate with fudge bits.)

Anyway, not a huge number of books but a lot of fun was had choosing them.


Yay for book porn!

You have definitely been abstemious, my dear.

A mere six books. And a visit to a second-hand bookshop and nothing!

*Puts hand on forehead to see if Caffy is quite well*

Mind you . . . ice-cream parlour calling. Hmmm. Makes sense.
*Puts hand on forehead to see if Caffy is quite well*

Hee hee. With good reason. To tell the truth it was the sort of thing you could have lingered over all day and I was a bit overwhelmed. Plus, conscious of the fact that anything I bought had to go back in my suitcase.

I looked for Divas Don't Knit btw but couldn't see it. Will have to check eBay and AM (Amazon doesn't have it new.)
:-) I can understand that fully.

They do in HB, and given the prices for PB on AM, if you can get your order to £15.00, it'd be better getting the HB one.

Oooh, there's a third 'Blossom Street' book coming out (well it is out, but only in HB at the moment. 'Back On Blossom Street'.
How lovely to see a photo of the Persephone shop! I've seen photos before, but never before a picture showing its surroundings, so that's really quite a treat :-)
To tell the truth I took the photo especially for you. :-) The street was a quiet little one off the much more noisy Great Ormond Street. It was a lovely little shop. Rather basic inside but the people were very friendly. I bought The Village by Marghanita Laski.
Aw, thank you! :D

Does the shop stock any books other than Persephones? I've often been curious about that :-)
Yes, it does. I'm not sure what they were... Penguins I think, but only a few as it's only a very small place. Possibly Penguins written by women? I didn't have heaps of time to investigate I'm afraid.
Oh, your pictures have gotten my Anglophile self pining for a fix. . .Gorgeous. :)))

Glad you like. :-) More on Thursday when I'll sort a few London ones out.
Oh my gosh, those tables and tables of books just made me squee! And what a gorgeous little shop!
Yes, I was completely thrown by the number of books. You needed all afternoon really and I just didn't have enough time to look at them all.
I used to work at Foyle's, way back when. Always relish the passage in Larton where D trashes one of the Literary Luncheons!
You worked at Foyle's? Gosh, that must be a sort of dream job, though I expect you'll say it wasn't all it's cracked up to be. ;-)
It was very strange.

The business ran on paranoia -- they were so terrified the staff and customers would steal that it became a sport to evade the system. If they hadn't been so stingy and devoted to exploiting foreign guest workers... They had no staff goodwill whatever, and customers frequently walked out in exasperation.

They couldn't even be bothered to keep the staff toilets clean.
It does sound very odd indeed. Typical of how clueless big businesses used to be about how to handle their staff. One assumes things are different these days...
next time you are in london check out Fantasy Centre (on Holloway Road, piccadilly line.) Single-handedly the best sf/f used shop in London.
Thanks for the rec. I'd never heard of it so looked it up in my Booklovers London. What a pity I didn't look in it before I went because there it is. Ah well, next time.