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Growing into War and books for June

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This is one of those books for which I'm indebted to the library. By that I don't just mean that it *is* a library book, I mean that it's one of those books I might pick up in the library on a whim, but probably wouldn't buy. And that would actually be a shame because in actual fact - it was really pretty good.

Michael Gill was a rather a famous documentary maker in his day - responsible for such series as Civilisation and Alistair Cooke's America. In this autobiography he takes us from his childhood days right through to the end of the second world war. He suffered from Bovine TB as a child and was an invalid for many years. That made him bookish, rather weedy and, in own words, 'a bit priggish'. Thus, when he was well enough to be sent to private school, he suffered endlessly. The war loomed and the author joined the RAF. Still rather weedy and a bit sickly he was still inclined to suffer a bit but, all in all, you get the feeling that he rather enjoyed his war, serving in Intelligence and travelling Europe during the allied invasion.

A good book. Very well written, beautifully descriptive and very 'personal'. I enjoyed the account of his early childhood very much, and the lead-up to the war. Throughout the book he's quite blunt about sexual matters, or rather the lack of them. I found it amusing to read such bluntness but couldn't for the life of me imagine a woman writing a similar account and including such things as he did. This is very definitely a 'bloke's' book - but none the worse for that and I liked it a lot.

Lone Traveller - Anne Mustoe
The Railway Detective - Edward Marston
The Testament of Gideon Mack - James Robertson
Magyk - Angie Sage
Growing into War - Michael Gill

A slow reading month this month. I've no idea why - we were away at the beginning of the month but I still read... Anyway, not a brilliant month but not too bad. The list includes one real stinker, The Railway Detective, but otherwise all were reasonably enjoyable.

Total so far this year - 36. Except that I'm not counting of course. ;-p


Just had to comment on your Chunkster Challenge. I've read several of them, and "Doomesday Book" is one of my favourite books! I highly recommend it. "The Historian" and "The Shadow of the Wind" are both good but heavy. "The Shell Seekers" is good and a quick read despite it's length. Hope you'll enjoy them :)
I need to get back to my Chunkster Challenge as I've neglected it for months. It looks like I chose a good batch though. The Doomsday Book was a gift from a friend who couldn't get into it and The Shell Seekers is a book I keep meaning to read because I *am* Cornish and everyone says I must therefore read it. :-)