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Peanuts - Snoopy

Good Reads

I joined Good Reads. It's free and is just a bit of fun with books. Basically, it's a way to keep track of what you're reading and you can add books you've read, books you're reading and books to be read. You could easily list every book you have but I'm not going to do that as I've done it with LibraryThing and don't have the time to do it all over again. And don't see the point either. I shall just list what I'm reading now and read recently (since the beg. of June) and maybe add a few purchases from time to time. My user name is 'Cath' (how original) so if anyone else is over there and wants to add me as a friend, feel free.

The book I'm reading is very depressing. Think I need to make soup to cheer myself up. :-]


I use Bibliophil. It's not as artistically pleasing as LibraryThing, but it's free no matter how many books you enter. Seeing as I'm way above 500 books now, that's a good thing! ;)
There are some really good sites for booklovers these days. I shall investigate that one when I have a moment.
Okay, okay, you got me hooked. I'm now on GoodReads as well - if you want to friend me, I'm Kiwiria there as well.
LOL! It's fun, eh? I've friended you back. Love your hat!!
Thanks :) And yeah, it's lots of fun!
Oh, dear. I'm sorry to hear that you're reading a depressing book. I hope making soup cheered you up somewhat.

Finished it (due to baby having hour and a half nap - almost unheard of) thank goodness. And it didn't get any better!

Soup not finished yet but should be in time for tea. It's that kind of weather somehow...
That is quite some nap - go Scott. Maybe it will continue (fingers and toes crossed).

Oh, dear :-(

I hope you enjoy the soup - what kind is it? And yes, I know what you mean.
I use GoodReads too. I probably wouldn't have started using it, though, if it weren't for my friends. Most of my friends don't read regularly but since signing up for the website, I think they've made more time for it. And that's great for me because I love seeing what they pick out to read - they have such diverse tastes.

I've seen LibraryThing and a couple of the other websites. I don't dare to start using them, though, because I've obsessive-compulsive when it comes to organization, and once I start, I would drive myself nuts trying to organize everything into applicable categories.

I use my journal - bookloversdiary - as a reading journal that began circa 2005 and continued on. I use GoodReads for sharing some of my reviews with my friends and rating other books I remember reading before 2005.

P.S. I'm going to add you! :)
Oops, two "Cath"s are showing up for the UK...which one are you?
I'm not the one with all the numbers in front of 'United Kingdom', I'm the other one. On my profile I'm aged 54 with interests: reading, Live Journal, gardening, cooking etc...
You're probably being sensible about LibraryThing because it really is addictive. You just want to add more and more books!
Oh, I just started playing with this site. We'll see if I actually update it.
I'm not sure how long it'll last with me either but it's free so it doesn't matter. What's your user name?
hells_librarian - I was feeling very creative.