read_warbler (read_warbler) wrote,

Good Reads

I joined Good Reads. It's free and is just a bit of fun with books. Basically, it's a way to keep track of what you're reading and you can add books you've read, books you're reading and books to be read. You could easily list every book you have but I'm not going to do that as I've done it with LibraryThing and don't have the time to do it all over again. And don't see the point either. I shall just list what I'm reading now and read recently (since the beg. of June) and maybe add a few purchases from time to time. My user name is 'Cath' (how original) so if anyone else is over there and wants to add me as a friend, feel free.

The book I'm reading is very depressing. Think I need to make soup to cheer myself up. :-]
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