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Time for some more bookporn! Mainly because it's been about six weeks since I did some, so it's time, but also, when I looked I realised there were er... quite a lot. Seems I went a bit berserk after we got back from London and made up for the fact that I was in the capital and only bought six books. So er... not one but two photos are called for this time. Ooops.

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The bottom three are new, the top three - charity shop or eBay/AM buys. Mistress of the Art of Death I bought because its author, Ariana Franklin is actually a new pen name for Diana Norman, one of my favourite historical writers. Needle in the Blood, an historical about The Bayeaux Tapestry, has been recced so highly in so many places I had to get a copy to see what all the fuss was about. The Blood Doctor was recced by toomanybooks, the Richmal Crompton was another rec from a book blogger, and Crocodile on the Sandbank is the first Amelia Peabody book and will be a reread for me before I sample the rest of the series, which I've fancied reading for ages.

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Again, a mix of old and new. True North is a travel book about a chappy who takes a seaplane journey over Alaska, The Yukon and The Northwest Territories. Again, seen recced on a book blog and irresistible to me who has zero resistance when it comes to books. The Ratcatcher is goodnightlady's fault, Out Stealing Horses and Cry the Beloved Country are two more book blog recs. The next two are sundry charity shop buys and the top two are, of course, Georgette Heyers as I'm trying to add to my puny collection of 15. (There are over 50!)

Perhaps I need to spend a bit less time reading other people's book blogs...


I'll have to get the Ariana Franklin. I've seen it in the library but didn't realise that it was Diana Norman. I love her books. Have you read the earlier Franklin novel, City of Shadows?
No, I didn't realise she'd written anything else under that name. I thought Diana Norman had suddenly stopped writing - had no idea she was now writing under another name. It seems an odd thing to do as you risk losing your readers. I'm guessing it's something to do with her husband being famous in the UK and wanting to use a name not known to anyone - but that's only a guess. Will search out City of Shadows, thanks for telling me about it.
I think it's odd. He was famous when she published her first novel. Perhaps it's because she's moving into different periods and/or a different style? I've ordered both from the library.
You could well be right. Reading the blurb on this new one it *is* an historical like her others but it also has an element of crime involved in the plot. Perhaps she's going more into historical crime which is kind of a whole new genre really. Have you read City of Shadows? Is it historical crime?
No, I haven't. It should be at the library for me this week. According to the reviews, it takes place in 1920s Berlin and is also a mystery.
Yes, sorry, I missed that bit where you said you'd ordered both from the library. 1920s Berlin is certainly a departure for her, she normally sets her books much earlier than that. Be interested to know what you think when you've read them.
i don't think i have any of your new books. i've been wanting to pick up a copy of "cry, my beloved country" but decide against it each time. have you read it? is it any good?
No, I haven't read Cry, the Beloved Country yet. I'm trying to read a few more books about the real Africa and have been told that that one is a classic. I picked it up cheap in a charity shop, otherwise would probably not have paid full price for it. It does sound good though.
Book porn is good :-)
Oh yes. :-D

How's the HP going? I'm up to Ch. 10, pg. 155, but visitors due this afternoon so no reading alas.
HP is finished. I finished it a couple of hours ago. Had to ring Mother as she rang during my reading and J told her I couldn't talk to her *beams*.

Then I did a shortish post on the book and played catch-up with my flist - not that there was that much to catch up with, very quiet.

I hope you have a lovely day of reading tomorrow.
Yes, I just looked at my flist's posts and saw that you'd already finished it. Wow, that was quick. I didn't look at your thoughts of course... I shall have so many posts to go back to when I've eventually finished it. Good job I've made a note...

All so quiet because they're reading HP I expect. ;-)

I hope you have a lovely day of reading tomorrow.

Thank you! Hoping to get it finished by tomorrow night - even as far as I've got it's very good.

:-) Not as speedy as some :-)

I shall enjoy hearing your thoughts in due course. I've spent some time going through my flist for posts too; and no doubt there will be more over the next few days.

It's lovely to see, thus far, everyone putting everything behind the cut. I checked mine half a dozen times before posting and then again after posting!