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Library - free know.


For those who might be interested in a bit of bookish fun...

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I've decided not to log my books on GoodReads, at least for now, but I'll join the comm and see what happens.
I've decided not to log my books on GoodReads,

Not too happy with it?
It feels strange to me. I have no problem with a public library at LibraryThing, but it's odd having the rather private process of charting my reading -- which I've been doing in notebooks for thirty years -- displayed in a public setting with stars and so forth. And there's no way to keep track of journal articles without a lot of bother. So I'm on hiatus there for now while I think about it.
Ah right, I see. I haven't really got a problem with Good Reads - I'm just not certain it's worth all the bother. Prefer LibraryThing I think. What's your user name on LibraryThing? (If you don't mind me asking...)
I enjoy playing with new toys but I don't want myself spread all over the web. I'm Amiziras at LibraryThing. I still haven't proofed my entries properly but I like spending time there.
Sounds good -- I've joined.
I just thought it looked like fun though I'm unclear as to whether non-fiction is allowed. As it's National *Novel* Reading Month I'm presuming not.
In the comments, the mod says non fiction is fine -- just has to be over 150 pages.
Thank you! We have a saying over here, 'Can't see for looking'. Which in my case says it all...
We had that saying when I was a little girl, too!