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Tales of the City - Armistead Maupin

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This is one of those legendary series of books that I always thought, for some reason, were heavier reads than they actually are - if this first one is anything to go by anyway. Not sure why I thought that. But it turns out it's rather like 1970s chicklit. And why 'legendary' I'm not sure either - it was fun but nothing spectacular, imo.

Briefly, it starts with Mary Ann, a PA from Cleveland, deciding to settle in San Francisco. She's rather green but soon settles into Mrs. Madrigal's boarding house, gets a job and meets all kinds of people. That's it basically.

It's interesting the way Maupin ties a large cast of characters to each other without the others knowing, bit like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game. And I liked the small chapters dealing with different people. One thing that did surprise me was how gay San Francisco was in the 70s - I thought that was a later thing. Certainly then this is a pre-AIDS city - if you get my drift. *cough* A fun read - there are at least half a dozen more but whether I'll bother I'm not certain; only if I happen to see them in the library (where I found this one) I suspect.


I've read a couple of those. They are really fun. I think they are legendary because they had such openly gay characters, who weren't tortured by their gayness (as far as I recall). I don't remember expecting anything from them when I read them, though.
The big surprise for me was to realise that the book was written way back in the seventies when, as far as I remember, people didn't write openly about being gay. At least not that I recall. So I was very impressed with that!
A friend recommended this series, but I couldn't get into it at first (borrowed the first book from the library), but when she actually gave me the book as a present, I gave it another go, and LOVED it! I read all of the books as quickly as I could, then bought the TV series.

I even have Michael as an icon!

Intrigued to see an icon of Michael as I know nothing about the TV series whatsoever, other than the fact that there is one. Is it any good?
I enjoyed it. I'm not keen on Laura Linney as Mary Ann, though. I had a particular picture in my mind for her, and Laura didn't fit it at all.

There were a couple of series made, and Michael was played by two different actors. That was interesting. :-)

What struck me when I first saw it was the full frontal male nude scenes. I hadn't seen any of those before on TV.