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Alien - reading

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

I'm absolutely clueless as to what I could possibly say about this brilliant book that would do it any kind of justice at all. Let's see, Fingersmith by Sarah Waters...

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Well. Read it. Just read it. More? Okay, well it's about Sue Trinder who was brought up in the mid-eighteen hundreds by petty thieves in The Borough, in London. But it's also about Maud Lilly who spent her first eleven years being brought up by nurses in a lunatic asylum and then goes to live with her uncle where she becomes a tool for reading a certain sort of book to 'gentlemen'. The story deals with how their lives become entwined. I'll say no more than that, partly because the tale has more twists and layers than spaghetti junction and I could not do it justice, but also it would spoil it as the joy of this book is its twists, imo. I didn't see any of them coming - not a one. The other joy of this book is the fabulous writing and the way the author captures so completely the tone of those times, the squalor, the appalling cruelty, a woman's lack of power over her circumstances and future and so forth. I can't find any fault with this novel, I really can't. Read it.

I'd be interested to know what Waters' two previous novels are like. (I've seen reviews for the latest.) I checked on Amazon and liked the sound of Affinity though Tipping the Velvet is probably more famous I would say. Anyone got any thoughts? Amazon marketplace has it fairly cheap... *g*


I read Tipping the Velvet first of all Sarah Waters' books, and without having ever seen the television series which was on while I was away, and I absolutely loved it. I'd say I liked Fingersmith next-best, and Affinity after that, but there was a lovely feel to Tipping somehow...

Another book I read around the time, following on from my Waters session, was Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue, which is just wonderful...
I never saw the TV series of Tipping the Velvet so the book will be completely fresh to me. General opinion seems to be that that's the one to go for next so I shall do that.

Ah, now I've heard of Slammerkin so have made a note of that and will go and investigate in a mo. Thanks for the rec.