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Alien - reading

Books bought this week

Some really good book buys this week, all of them secondhand.

1) Solomon Time by Will Randall. His first book, I believe. I just read his third, Botwana Time, and liked it a lot so was really pleased to get hold of this one on eBay. This one covers his teaching time in The Solomon Islands in the south seas.

2) An Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears. I know nothing about this other than it's some kind of historical mystery and that it sounded rather good. Found in a Dawlish charity shop.

3) LUCIE DUFF GORDON: A Passage to Egypt by Katherine Frank. Biography of Lucie Duff Gordon, her childhood years as well as her time in Eygpt. Bought in the secondhand bookshop at Killerton today. (Headquarters of the NT in Devon.)

4) Venture to the Interior by Laurens Van Der Post. Travels in Africa - another Killerton buy.

5) Between the Woods and the Water by Patrick Leigh Fermor. Second part of the author's travels between Holland and Constantinople. Yet another Killerton find. I could have spent a fortune there. Even Hubby bought two. (It's taken me 33 years but I've finally got him buying books...)

On the way via eBay: Slammerkin by Emma Donoghue. Recced by someone here but am not sure who now. Apologies.

Current read: Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bordain. Recced by maubast to whom I must offer my thanks as it's an excellent read. Someone just sent me the article he wrote about how he was stuck in the Lebanon a few weeks ago. Scary stuff. He is such a good writer.


Am so pleased that you are enjoying Anthony. May I also recommend three other books by him: A Cook's Tour, The Nasty Bits, and last but not least Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook: Strategies, Recipes, and Techniques of Classic Bistro Cooking.

While I'll never make anything out of that cookbook, likely, it's a beautiful book and absolutely fabulous. The Nasty Bits just came out and I enjoyed it a great deal. Some people hated it, but I loved it.

There's an Anthony community, too. I think: anthonybourdain is the comm.
I'll certainly keep an eye out for the other books by him. He's certainly a good write, lol funny in places and very honest. I like the book a lot. I never caught his TV shows but if he comes on again I will watch.

If you ever see Toast by Nigel Slater grab it. He's an amateur cook rather than a chef (writes for one of our papers and had a TV show) but his autobiography is *excellent*.
I shall. I'm going to look for it now.

If you need copies of his show, I can make you some DVDs, if you'd like?
I can make you some DVDs, if you'd like?

Oh wow, that would be excellent. But you must let me pay costs and postage! Let me know how much. :-)

*Adore* your icon!
Thank you!

I shall let you know how many DVDs I have, all right? I'm not sure of the exact count. :) Will email you when I know. *hugs*
Just ordered Toast, thank you for the rec!
Hope you like it. Nigel is amazing, imo. He looks just like Alan Bennett and I'm not sure if he isn't gay or bi. Difficult to tell from the book. But he has the most erotic way of decribing food on his TV shows, his voice is very soothing and quite frankly, sexy. LOL.
I can't wait for it to arrive. You've got me quite looking forward to it!
'Fingerpost' was recommended to me by someone on LJ, although I haven't got round to reading it yet.

Although I wasn't the person who recommended 'Slammerkin', I'm another Donoghue fan, although personally I prefer her short story collections, 'Kissing the Witch' and 'The Woman who Gave Birth to Rabbits'.
I rather like short stories so shall keep an eye out for the collections you've mentioned by Donoghue.

Followed the link to the bookblog ring on your user info last night and spent a happy hour reading dovegreyreader's book blog and various other things it led me to. So, 'thank you' for that. :-)
'Kissing the Witch' are re-envisionings of fairy tales, but her style is very, very different from, say, Angela Carter's. The other short story collection is mostly 'historical', and some of the stories are very bizarre indeed!

I've known dovegreyreader in an internet sense for some years - I used to be a member of an online Persephone Books readers group that she ran, and latterly she is the person with whom I share most book titles on LibraryThing :-)
Well, I really like 'bizarre' so it sounds like those will suit me. *g*

Talking of sharing books on LibraryThing you are now back on the bottom of mine with forty three shared books(though I haven't put the latest ones on yet). I think it must have been The Chrysalids that did it. ;-)
Slammerkin was from me, so I hope you like it! (That was quick!)
I took a look at it on Amazon and decided the book was right up my street. It was on eBay 'buy it now'... so I did. ;-P I'm sure I shall love it, so thanks for the rec.