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Books for January

Well, January was a bit of a busy month for me personally. A lot going on, so it was a case of squeezing a bit of reading in wherever I could. These are the books I've actually managed to read all of.

The Moonlit Road and other Ghost and Horror stories – Ambrose Bierce
Inkheart – Cornelia Funke
A Study in Scarlet – Arthur Conan Doyle

Three. And two of those were partly read in December. *And* two of the three are really short. LOL!

I have to confess though that that isn't the whole story. I also read 11 short stories last month, I'm more than halfway through Trollope's travel writings book and I'm also halfway through The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I wouldn't be as numbers driven this year. That I would take the time to read longer books and not worry about finishing them quickly. The Poisonwood Bible is 640 pages long and, believe you me, is not a book to rush. It's very, very good and deserves savouring.

I'm also savouring Dreams Underfoot a short story collection in the Newford universe by Charles De Lint. I've fallen for this series hook, line, and sinker and have had a hard time stopping myself rushing out and buying every single one. The reason I haven't is because there are a lot and I'm not entirely certain in which order they ought to be read. Googling De Lint hasn't helped much; he has a site but as far as I can see no order of reading the Newford books. Of course, it is possible that it doesn't actually matter...

Anyway, all this 'savouring' has been hard work. It doesn't come naturally to me to not worry about how many books I've read each month - and I'm still struggling with it. Honestly, how daft.


The Newford stories are addictive. I don't think it matters what sequence you read them -- it's like having friends and losing touch, and then meeting up again and then finding out what happened in the meanwhile.
I did wonder if that might be the case. Someone else said they just picked up what they could find in the library and apart from the odd 'huh?' moment it made no difference. I shall not get too anal about it then. :-) And yes, I knew from reading the very first story that I was going to be addicted to these Newford books. Funny how quickly you know sometimes.