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Alien - reading

The Spook's Curse

I seem to be having quite a good reading month this month. Clueless as to why that is, it just seems to happen that a couple of months each year I read a lot of books rather than my average of five or six. Perhaps they're shorter, or easier reads - I don't know. Anyway The Spook's Curse is the sequel to The Spook's Apprentice which I blogged about just a couple of weeks ago.

Thomas Ward has been the Spook's Apprentice for six months when the Spook announces that they will be travelling to a town called Priestown, where there is a job to be done. Tom is confused as the Spook normally goes out of his way to avoid this particular town, but it is clear that his master has unfinished business there, so they set off. Along the way Tom is told that in the catacombs of the cathedral in Priestown lives a creature called the Bane. This being is so dangerous it has been confined there for centuries. The Spook has never been able to defeat the Bane but now its influence is spreading as it has found a way to enter the minds and dreams of ordinary people above ground. The Spook must act before someone is tricked into releasing the Bane whereupon it will unleash untold misery and damage on the people of the County. To add to their problems the Quisitor has arrived from down south. His mission is to rid the County of witches, warlocks and spooks and he has his sites set on the Spook. Could the situation be any more complicated? Yes... Tom's 'friend' Alice appears on the scene, but is she friend or foe? And can all three of them survive this latest challenge?

Another page-turner from Joseph Delaney. I'm so glad I picked this up at the library at the same time as I got the first book. Delaney maintains the pace and the creepiness and keeps you guessing about his characters and the outcome right until the end. More information is forthcoming too, about's Tom's mother, about the Spook, but not about Alice - her fate will no doubt be dealt with in a later book. I plan to keep reading anyway but will need to go on a mission to find the third book before that - there are four I believe, with the fifth out in June.