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Saw this idea on a book blog on Blogspot. Choose your favourite author for each letter of the alphabet and a favourite accompanying book (which does not have to begin with the same letter). This is harder than it looks but here goes.

ASIMOV, Isaac - Before the Golden Age 2
BENNETT, Alan - The Uncommon Reader
CHEVALIER, Tracey - Falling Angels
Du MAURIER, Daphne - Frenchman's Creek
ERSKINE, Barbara - Hiding From the Light
FAULKS, Sebastian - Birdsong
GRAHAME, Kenneth - The Wind in the Willows
HILL, Susan - The Woman in Black
I ?
JAMES, M.R. - Collected Ghost Stories
KING, Laurie - The Beekeeper's Apprentice
Le GUIN, Ursula K. - The Earthsea Quartet
McKINLEY, Robin - Sunshine
NIX, Garth - Lirael
ORCZY, Baroness - The Scarlet Pimpernel
PRATCHETT, Terry - The Fifth Elephant
Q ?
ROWLING, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
STREATFEILD, Noel - Saplings
TEPPER, Sheri S. - Grass
U ?
VICKERS, Salley - Instances of the Number 3
WYNDHAM, John - The Chrysalids
X ?
YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn - Hotel Transylvania
ZUSAK, Markus - The Book Thief

As you can see I got stuck on five. I can't think of any writer beginning with I that I've even read let alone enjoyed, including that Japanese chappy, Ishiguro. U? Drew a blank. V? Haven't read any Barbara Vine. Must've read A.E. Van Vogt but can't remember anything specific. There must be others though. I must have read some Ys but again, can't think of any. I cheated with A too as Asimov only *edited* the Before the Golden Age books - I could have put Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen there of course, but felt that was too obvious. Had a problem with J too and, of course, there were letters I could have filled in several times over, like K. Good fun though.

ETA: Added an author for V. Transferred Chelsea Quinn Yarbro to Y rather than Q because that's how she's listed on Fantastic Fiction. Am now missing I, Q, U and X.


Ooh, this does look interesting.

I might have to give this a go.

*Runs off to send myself an email with link*

It was great fun to do and took me a surprisingly long time...

Look forward to your list if you get around to it.
I can imagine it did.

It's on my 'to do' list - along with the book meme you tagged me for. I was in the sitting room thus didn't have any books within actual reach, and sadly none came to me even when I ordered them to *sigh*
I'm trying to do my own now. It is really hard. Some letters have a lot of good possibilities, and other letters are coming up blank. I wonder where I can find a list of novelists organized by letter.
It *is* hard isn't it? Apart from the obvious Q, X, Y etc. I found J really diffciult. And R until I suddenly remembered Harry Potter. *DUH*

This site might help you:

I actually found some lists on Wikipedia that were useful. I'm stuck now on J, Q, X, and Y.
Henry James? I've read some of his short stories and Turn of the Screw but wouldn't refer to them as favourites. But there aren't as many Js as you might think...
Well, the only Henry James I've read was Portrait of a Lady, and I found it really tedious, so I didn't want to use him.
I'm such a twit - I forgot about Barbara Vine when I did my list!! Might have to edit :-)
LOL. I've got The Blood Doctor on my tbr pile but have not actually read anything by her. There is also Jules Verne and Salley Vickers who I really should have remembered and will have to edit myself now.
Oooo, nifty! I'll have a mental block and won't be able to think of a single author for any of the letters. Either that, or I'll leave out someone horribly obvious.
All of that happened to me, especially forgetting obvious authors. They call it senility.
I'll tackle this one later, but since I saw Noel Streatfield, I had to ask--have you read Ballet Shoes?

Shamefully the anser is 'no'. But I watched a really super drama of it at Christmas, starring Emma Watson, and borrowed the book from my daughter. Still haven't read it, but plan to, and also have her Apple Bough on the tbr pile.
Well, I've been doing the Alphabet Challenge for a few years now :), so looking through my lists:

For I, have you tried Greg Iles? Mystery/thriller kind of thing.

Q is usually Amanda Quick for me :)

Dorothy Uhnak writes mysteries. Lisa Unger was acclaimed for Beautiful Lies - I really liked it.

X - Xinran, a Chinese woman, has a couple of books. I picked up Sky Burial specifically for the challenge - didn't really want to read it, but thought "eh, it's kinda short". It was beautiful - about a Chinese woman in Tibet searching for someone who might know what happened to her husband. Her first book about the lives of Chinese women during the Cultural Revolution is very good too - just finished it today :)

And I adored McKinley's Sunshine - but even more so The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword.
Thanks for the ideas on how to fill in the gaps. The Chinese book sound especially interesting as it's subject I know little about.

I have several McKinleys on my tbr pile, The Blue Sword, Deerskin, Beauty and Rose Daughter. I'll be reading Beauty soon, for a challenge. I realise too that none of them are anything like Sunshine but that's okay.