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A Vision of Light

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A good historical is one of life's little pleasures and this one is definitely a good 'un. A Vision of Light is set in the fourteenth century when a woman, basically, belonged to her husband. Margaret of Ashbury wants to write her memoirs (even though she's only 23 or something) but she can't read or write so she hires a friar, Brother Gregory, to do it for her. It turns out she is a fascinating woman with all kinds of secrets, not least the fact that she's had a vision of light which turned her into a 'healer'. An absolutely excellent historical this one. Full of detail and good characterisation - I loved Brother Gregory even though he was, essentially, quite clueless and allowed the wonderful Margaret to run rings around him without realising she was doing it. Quite a feminist book in a way, but subtly done. It's part one of a trilogy I think, and the second part in this format comes out in September so I'll get in line for that.

I raided the charity shops in Street today and left no books behind. ;-) Here's what I got:

Ship of Magic -- Robin Hobb. The first in her 'Live ship traders' trilogy.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen -- Alan Garner. *Someone* on my flist recommended this author to me but I'm not sure if this person is on my book blog flist... Anyway, this YA book looks like a cracker!

Ordinary Families -- E. Arnot Robertson. A Virago Modern Classic which looked good so I nabbed it. I've never heard of her but apparently she was one of the most popular novelists of the 1930s and 40s. Just goes to show how ignorant I am.

Dragonsong -- Anne McCaffrey. Yaaaaaaay!!! The last of the 'Pern' Harperhall trilogy found cheaply. I knew if I waited long enough I'd get it.

A Passage to India -- E.M. Forster. So I can stop taking this out of the library now and read it when I'm in the mood.

The Heart of Darkness -- Joseph Conrad. One of those books I should have read but never have.

Down Under -- Bill Bryson. Needs no explanation, everyone's heard of him. Good find.

All in all, about six quid. How else could you spend that amount and get so much pleasure? Might be best not to answer that.............

Current read: Swahili For the Broken Hearted -- Peter Moore. Travelling from Cape Town to Cairo.


So glad you enjoyed it -- and the second book has been out for a while, In Pursuit of the Green Lion. The third, The Water Devil, is due in January, in the US anyway.

Also keep an eye out for The Serpent Garden, about a painter of miniatures in England and France in the Henry VIII period -- I think this is my favourite of all.

Yes, the second book is on Amazon but through Marketplace I think. Me being me I thought I'd wait until Sept. and get a new one with a cover to match the first one I have. I know...

Righty ho, I'll aim to get a copy of The Serpent Garden asap. Think I saw it there as a matter of fact.
Great haul! I don't think it was me recced Weirdstone, but I will now - one of my favourite childhood reads, and there's a sequel too, erm - Moonstone something?! I was hoping to get up to the Edge while I was home, as it's strangely one of my favourite places here, but it was not to be...

Do you know, out of interest, the Madeleine L'Engle books - another wonderful "kids" series of old?
No, I don't think it was you who recced Weirdstone either. I'm curious now and will have to ask on the other journal. Nice to hear there's a sequel. :-)

No, I've not read any Madeleine L'Engle books, heard of her though. I just looked her up on Amazon and saw The Time Quartet. They look rather interesting I must admit. Will make a note of her.

You're back to Alaska soon aren't you? Hope you have a good trip. Have you had a good summer here in the UK? I hear you met londonronnie? One of my favourite people.
will have to ask on the other journal
I do remember commenting about Weirdstone to someone, somewhere, recently - maybe that was via your other journal and the person who commented (if it wasn't to someone completely different!)

You're back to Alaska soon aren't you?
I am indeed - my flight is on Monday and I'm hoping to be home by Tuesday night! It's been an interesting summer, that's for sure - but there have been lovely highlights, and most of them have been fannish, which I wasn't expecting! One of course was Nattercon, and another was indeed meeting londonronnie and having the most wonderful afternoon chatting Pros! Totally deserving of the favourite people accolade : )
and the person who commented

... was taverymate. :-)

So, less than a week and you're back in Alaska. Well, I hope the journey back goes okay. Look forward to your early morning (late night for you) winter-type posts - fascinating for us here in the UK.