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Recent buys

I haven't done a recent acquisitions post in ages, June I think, so I fancy it's time for one of those. I don't actually think this is all of them by any means. *cough cough* These are just the ones I haven't stashed away somewhere or are to hand because they're to be read for a challenge. I was thinking the other day that if someone ever abolishes charity shops I would be in a right pickle. There's no easier way to get a quick book fix in the UK, if you're able to get to them, (apart from the library and I indulge in that pastime too...) and not only are the books cheap, you're also helping out someone less fortunate than yourself at the same time. So anyway, under the cut are a few of my latest purchases that I don't need to feel guilty about buying at all!

These six are four charity shop buys and two new. I'm going to read Twilight for the Halloween challenge and have a feeling I might want to read New Moon fairly quickly after, along with the rest of the family, so thought those were worth investing in new.

This particular Barbara Vine I've had recommended to me by several people so nabbed it quickly when I saw it in the Tiverton Oxfam shop. Holy Fools I've had my eye out for for a while too so that was likewise nabbed quickly. And the other two just looked interesting, particularly The Cruellest Journey, by Kira Salak, which is the story of a woman's journey up the Niger by canoe, following in the footsteps of Mungo Park, two centuries ago.

This lot are three new books and four charity shop buys.

Black Sun Rising and Shadow Bridge were recs from fellow bloggers who have loved them and I always take notice of good fantasy book recs. The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue is a book I've wanted to read forever so I had no hesitation in adding it to a recent Amazon order to get free postage.

The rest were all from charity shops. The Vanished by Celia Rees is the book I'm reading at the moment for the Halloween challenge and I'm loving it. Diary of a Provincial Lady is a book I read a few weeks ago so you may be wondering why I bought another copy. Well, it seemed to me it was too big for just one book and when I glanced inside I saw that it included not only that book but three sequels - The Provincial Lady Goes Further, ... in America and ...in Wartime. Was I delighted? Oh yes. The other brilliant find was yesterday in Teignmouth's Oxfam shop, and that was two brand new Sherlock Holmes books, one of which, The Sign of Four, I've been hoping to spot in a charity shop as it's the next one I want to read. I have it in a huge omnibus but it's too heavy to hold so I've been collecting these lovely little paperbacks.

So, all in all I reckon that's not a bad haul, with some interesting reads to come there.


Celia Friedman's best book is still her SF works, imho. _In Conquest Born_ is my fave with the others being mostly only so so. My next fave is _The Madness Season_, but her main fantasy trilogy left me cold.

I'd be interested to see what you think of it.
I've just read In Conquest Born (Literally, I finished it night before last) and enjoyed it very much.

I read The Coldfire Trilogy (which begins with Black Sun Rising first, and however, and was quite enthralled with that. I will admit that the themes she explored in the trilogy hit a great many of my fascinations and fetishes right on the nose, so that's probably why.

I'm certainly looking forward to reading the rest of her books.

I'll be interested to see which side I come down on when I get to the book. Of course I'm hoping, having bought it, that I like it!
J loves Winter.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of Twilight - I know several people who have read it and love it.

I wish I could get to charity shops, but sadly that's not possible.

I love your book posts and inevitably end up on Amazon looking at them :-)
That's interesting that J loves Winter. Peter used to read a lot of Len Deighton too but not so much these days. I've never read any by him but the subject of this one interested me.

Opinions on Twilight seem to be divided. A lot seem to love it but I have also read several scathing reviews. We'll see.

I feel for you not being able to get to charity shops, I really do. I have a feeling they would be something you and J would love.

Glad you enjoy the bookish posts. :-)
He has most of the books. I've read the Game, Set & Match trilogy and keep meaning to read more.

I shall await your review.

Thank you.

Oh, I do.
Be interested to hear what you think of the Stephanie Meyer. I've had very mixed reports and occasionally think about buying one to see, then never quite get around to it *g*.
Yes, really mixed reports on the Twilight series. Our mutual friend in Ohio loved all of them so that is what I'm going on when I say that I feel I *should* enjoy them. Fingers crossed.
That's where the most positive recommendation comes from *g*. A friend on LJ loathes them and told me not to let them anywhere near my Amazon basket!

I think I'll hold out for a second-hand copy from somewhere and then see . . .