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Dr. Who


The sad fact is that I should never be allowed out on my own. Because what happens when I am? I come home with a bag full of books, that's what!

Book porn under the cut.

Granted, two are library books. But six aren't and what I *really* need is to have to find space for six more books on my already very crowded book shelves. (Not helped by my eldest daughter returning a boxfull on Saturday either...)

So... two library books and three 'three for two' books from Waterstones:

The two library books are, Climbing the Mango Trees by Madhur Jaffrey, the TV chef who specialises in Indian cuisine. I saw this one on Tara's blog having not previously known about it; was really pleased to find my library had a copy. And Anything Goes, John Barrowman's autobiography which I believe he wrote with his sister. As many will know, I'm a bit of a fan of this American/Scottish actor, famous in this country for Torchwood, Dr. Who and also as a singer in stage musicals. Cue completely superfluous pic of John Barrowman...

*cough cough* (Throat's a bit dry...)

The Waterstones' haul started with Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong, which I saw blogged about very recently but can't now remember whose blog it was. Sorry. I knew I had to have it though and grabbed it fast when I saw it. On the same shelf was Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker, which has intrigued me for quite a while, so I nabbed that too. So then I was faced with finding another book to take advantage of the three for two offer and I found I am a Cat by Soseki Natsume. I've never read anything by anyone Japanese and this classic 'cat' book looks like an excellent place to start.

So after the library and Waterstones the next stop - obviously - is the Oxfam charity shop... it is, after all, on the way home!

There I found a Persephone - Minnie's Room by Mollie Panter-Downes. I've read it, of course, but don't own it, and as it was undoubtedly one of the best short story anthologies I've ever read, there was no way I was leaving it on the shelf. I never leave Daphne du Maurier anthologies behind either and The Man Who was Thursday came home with me because G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown stories are brilliant and I'm wondering if his novels are as good.

So, there you go. Ample proof that I should never be allowed out on my own.

Ooops. That snuck in there while I wasn't looking too...


Mmmm. I have similar problems but eight (well, six really, bg) is going some! Let me know what the cat book is like, would you? And how could you possibly leave a Persephone on the shelf, out of the question? You obviously have what a friend calls "a better class of cast-off" in your bit of the world!
I will happily let you know what the cat book is like. I suspect it'll be rather good. If it is and I read it before I see you next, you can borrow it.

"a better class of cast-off" in your bit of the world!

LOL!!! Not the case I can assure you. Not in this town anyway. I think I just struck lucky... £1.99 for a £10.00 Persephone which looks unread is pretty good though.
*Chuckles very, very quietly*
Truthfully, I shan't mind if you chuckle very 'loudly'. Seeing as 'tis you. ;-)
Why thank you, m'dear. In that case . . .

*Chuckles very loudly*

So who is your favourite, if you have one, for MC? I have to say I was really surprised when Chris went last week. He and Mat were my 'certains'; I know he made a real mess of the last dish, but even so he'd been so good up until then.

I don't know how you and P feel but J and I both feel that 'come back kid' is almost calculating; he's worked out just what he needs to do and it's about whether his system will work rather than him really wanting it.

I think young Christopher is very quickly getting out of his depth, but he can cook.

My favourite (as in who I'd like to win) I must say is Mat - now his is a restaurant I'd like to visit!
Was saving an older Masterchef post to reply to but this'll do just as well.

I didn't have a favourite until a couple of days ago when I decided on Matt. I'm not sure why... I think I like his style of cooking and he seems like such a nice man. And if he ever opens a restaurant, I'm there. (I think he lives in Dorset so that's not as daft as it sounds.)

We were shocked when Chris went too. I felt he deserved to stay, though am not sure who I would have sent home instead. Probably Christopher or Andy.

Andy's a bit arrogant, imo. I think he thinks he's better than the rest.

Christopher I agree with you about too... slightly out of his depth but he could surprise us. His salmon dish was poor but he did well at the palace I think.

I'm thinking tonight must be the final one... though I haven't checked. I shall miss it like crazy as it's about all we watch apart from University Challenge and that finished this week too. Buffy is taking up most of our viewing time at the moment. We're going through the 'loss of Joyce' eps at the moment. Quite traumatic as I didn't know she died.
*Smiles* It certainly will.

I see we are in accord (what a rare thing) over Matt - I'd be there too if I lived nearby. As you say his style of cooking is great and he does seem very genuine.

I thought you might be. Given how well he had done apart from that final dish. It almost makes you wonder why they have to go through so many trials if it is all decided on one plate of food. I was sure it would be Christopher or Andy.

*Nods again* That sums Andy up perfectly. Plus they actually said last night when they were talking about him that he spent the last year working out how to win MasterChef - or something very similar.

I do think Christopher is. But he's at the age when he could change career and go into a professional kitchen. He did very well at the palace; he was the only one who actually had his dishes ready bang on time.

Up here we have an hour episode tonight and another hour one tomorrow, which is the final final. Tonight one of the things they have to do is to cook for Michelin star chefs. It certainly will leave a hole.

Ah, yes, Joyce. I remember the first time we watched it, as like you we didn't know she'd died.
Only a few hours now and we'll find out who the new Masterchef is!

I too find it very odd that they go through various trials but the decisions they make tend to be based on the final plate of food not the two or three trials.

Yes, I caught that comment about Andy too and am sort of hoping he doesn't win because it's true.

I enjoyed them cooking for the chefs last night, always one of my fav bits. And the chefs are always kinder than the food critics, have you noticed that?

Last year, it seemed it wasn't too long after MC finished that they began with Celebrity Masterchef...

Fingers crossed for Matt!

You do wonder why they put them through so much if it's all based on one final meal. I guess it's partly to hone their skills, but . . .

Me too!

That was good, it really was. And the chef was clearly a teaching chef as he was very encouraging. I have, yes. I imagine it's because they've been there and know what it's like - to an extent anyway. They had to start from the beginning and even great chefs must have some concern as to whether tonight is the night everything will go wrong. And do you remember when Michel Roux said how nervous he got cooking for his father? The critics are just that . . . critics. They don't have to worry about whether a meal will work or not.

It did indeed.

Quite. Very much so.
I'm pretty sure I've read the Soseki book, but it's been awhile since I read heavily in Japanese lit.
I'm intrigued by Japanese lit. I keep seeing blog posts about it on Blogspot and there's even a particular challenge for it I believe - or was. And some of the books sound fascinating, so this one will make a decent start to looking into the subject.
Depending on what period you get interested in, I can provide a few recommendations. In general, I'm fonder of the premodern stuff than the modern (...even back to Heian period work as well.)

For modern stuff, I like bits and pieces of things (abe kobo, the occasional mishima yukio, ryunosuke akutagawa, tanizaki juniichiro, edugawa ranpo), but I'm not hugely well-read in the field. Most of what I read was for classes in the too long ago.
I'll save this reply and get back to you after I've read the book I bought. I hear that some Japanese lit is absolutely beautiful so I'm rather intrigued.
*laughs* I don't even know who John Barrowman is but I can't blame you for sneaking in some pics - mmmmm!

I have I Am a Cat, picked it up when I lived in Japan, but I haven't read it yet. I keep forgetting I have it. I think I've only seen Men of the Otherworld as a honking big hardcover, unless this is a previous one or something? I wouldn't have thought it'd be on sale so soon!

I went to one of my favourite secondhand bookshops yesterday, specifically to get a copy of I, Robot, and came out with another five books! So I completely understand and share your addiction!