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Alien - reading

A new blog!

My first post on my brand new Live Journal. I bit the bullet at long last and got myself a book blog, where I can witter away to my heart's content about books and bore no one except myself - and any brave soul who chooses to be here of course.

So, I bought books in America. What did I buy?

Four books by David Brin. I've had this sci-fi author recommended to me and there were a lot of his books in the US so hubby and I grabbed a few. They are... Kiln People, Otherness, Sundiver and Startide Rising. The last two being the first two (I think) in the Uplift series. Like I need another series to start...

The Geographer's Library - Jon Fasman. An historical mystery through the centuries sort of book which I always find fascinating.

Wolf Moon - Charles De Lint. Werewolf yarn.

The Red Heart - Jame Alexander Thorn. American Indian saga. Probably trashy. ;-)

The Mermaid Chair - Sue Monk Kidd. Recommended by gleebee. Sounds good.

Traitor's Moon - Lynn Flewelling. Third in the series I'm reading at the moment. Gay fantasy. Excellent. Recommend to slash lovers looking for a change from fanfic, though the first one is pre-slash.

Dispatches from the Edge - Anderson Cooper. Memoirs of CNN's sexy journalist. 8-)

River Horse - William Least Heat-Moon. A well known travel writer in the US I think, but I'd not heard of him. This tale of his trip across America by boat in the footsteps of people such as Lewis and Clark sounded rivetting.

Women in the Wild - ed. by Lucy McCauley. Travel anthology of women in the wilderness stories.

American Nomads - ed. by Richard Grant. History of wanderings in the US by frontiersmen, cowboys, fur trappers, Indians and so on.

Hubby also bought books so quite a bit of our return trip luggage was filled with books. I even bought several more at the airport and got myself a free Hudson Books tote bag! My joy knew no bounds. LOL!

And then I checked out my favourite charity shop in Minehead ( Brit. Heart Foundation) and came up with:

The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy.

In the Heart of the Sea - Nathaniel Philbrick.

Master Georgie - Beryl Bainbridge.

So, not a bad haul. I'm pleased as punch with them all to be honest, especially the ones I couldn't have got here in the UK unless I ordered from Amazon. And, although that's fun, nothing really compares to being in a bookshop browsing and actually handling the books. IMO, anyway.


That's why I'll never go to audio books--it's the touching and rustling the pages, the smell of the paper, the caressing the spine that makes reading so intimate and special.
I don't think I'll ever go to audio either unless I have to. Some covers are so tactile... you don't get that with a cd. *g*
I tend to go audio as well as print. Audio for the stuff I'm going to listen to when I'm commuting, but I tend to also like to have a "reading" copy.
I think if I was a commuter or into jogging or something I would probably do the audio thing too or I would be bored silly. And the choice is really good these days too.
Yes, I know what you mean about Amazon - fab for getting exactly what you want, but you can't beat the browsing experience, the unearthing of treasures hidden in unexpected places :-)
Absolutely *not*. Some people think the net will take over from real books, personally I don't see that happening anytime soon.
Ah ha ha ha! I usually leave for a trip with one suitcase and come back with two - second suitcase loaded with books. ;-) I'm adding this journal to my f-list.
Welcome! We had a spare suitcase too. Just as well, your bookshops are a terrible temptation for a weak soul like me.
Smack myself on my wee ittle 'ead.
There is a fantastical bookshop complete with AB FAB dining (food is supposed to be top notch) on the way to Ed's work.
Next time, next time. It is a really neat place, would rival most of the bookstores you were in.
My goodness, what a haul Ms. Caffy.
I bought a book yesterday...Lonely Planet tour guide for Ireland!
And have about 6 in the lending tote T just gave me.
Next time then for the bookshop on the way to where Ed works. We can lose the guys somewhere...

Look in that 'Coast' book Ed has for the Northern Irish coast too. Might be something interesting there.
This *is* a good idea! I shall enjoy keeping in touch with the latest 'good books to read' and thanks for doing this.
Hi, P. Nice to see you here. :-) I really should have done this before and I'm not sure why I didn't... Indecisive again.
Thanks Caff! And I'll friend you, if I may?
Please do, nice to see you here. :-)
This sounds good - may I friend you please?
I liked the sound of The Geographers House so much I have been forced to order it through Amazon! (Fortunately also available through the new and used!)
And there's me, thinking that at fifty plus, I was finally getting to acknowledge that I may not buy every book I want and still have room to walk along the hall, eat in the dining room or get into bed (climbing over the large pile of "waiting to be read" stacked on the side!)
But, aaah, is there anything to beat the feel and smell of a brand new shiny spined book? Me, I always have to reach to the back of the pile on the shelf in the shop to find the least creased and most perfect cover available. A creased or damaged cover really isn't the same for a new book! Obsessive, moi - naaah!?!
Charity shops? Brilliant. Our best one where I live sorts the fic from non-fic and then shelves in author order so it's a favourite browsing place! Sometimes I even re-cycle them back to the shop after I've read them! But, oh, it's hard to give away my friends.
And Minehead is a favourite calling place for me too, when I can get down that way (about 90 miles south of me!)
Audio has it's uses - I've heard, rather than read, several of Bill Bryson's books whilst driving, but no, generally, it's books what does it for me!
Hello, nice to meet you. Yes, feel free to add me to your friends list, I've already added you to both of mine as it seems we have some things in common.

I was intrigued by The Geographers House as well, we'll have to compare notes when we've read it.

Yes, I know what you mean about wanting your new books to be in perfect order. The worst situation is when they only have one copy of something you really want... and it's a bit manky. I can stand there for ages sometimes, trying to make up my mind.

Oh yes, I love the charity shops who bother to sort into alphabetical order. Quite a few do these days and quite a few specialise in books now as well, Oxfam etc. Minehead is not the best place in the world for books but it's in quite a nice position and is quite dear to my heart as we used to live there before we moved to Mid Devon 4 years ago. We still go up there quite a lot as our youngest daughter and her husband live there.
Oh, you hit it exactly on the head about the one remaining but slightly manky copy - that's just how it is. And somehow, I manage to feel so virtuous when I persuade myself I really can live without that book, at least for today! Get thee behind me....!
Must admit, with some of the heavily promoted in the supermarket ones now, I sometimes wait for them to hit the charity shop - can be only a few months before they start to appear, often in multiple copies.
I have to admit that generally speaking if the book is tatty I leave it where it is. It's hard, because sometime's it's I've been looking for the book for ages, but I won't buy damaged goods.

Yes, it does seem that it doesn't take long for books to hit the charity shops, or eBay. I imagine many people don't have the storage capacity these days as houses seem to be getting smaller. I remember reading an article where one woman (I don't remember who she was) said that she realised it was time to get rid of some books when she started putting bookshelves up over the doors. She was actually saying in the article that she wasn't sure why people kept so many books as they're cheap and easily available and that we should read them and give them away. And I do that occasionally now, if I think I'm not going to read something again.
Hi Caff, been meaning to drop over here since you mentioned it - couldn't miss your recs now, could I ;D
Hello, nice to see you. Reading anything interesting at the moment?
Just finished the complete run of AC's Pern series. It's taken about 3 months but it was fun :D And now S has discovered that there's another trilogy (only one out so far) she's co-written with her son... Also just read Lynn Truss' Talk to the Hand, nice quick read, and I spent most of it nodding and agreeing with her - guess I'm just turning into a grumpy old woman :D Next on the list is The Princess Bride - loved the film, never read the book before.
Just finished the complete run of AC's Pern series.

Wow! I'm impressed with that! I bet it was fun. The new trilogy, is that called the Petaybee trilogy or something? My eldest read the first one and liked it.

I've never read The Princess Bride either, be interested to hear what that's like when you've read it.

I'm just turning into a grumpy old woman

You and me both. ;-)