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Remember Me?

I'm once again inhabiting the world of blocked up noses, sinus headaches, and coughs and sneezes, and thus, easy reading is on the menu for me at the moment. Nothing requiring too much concentration, so one of the books on my library pile was just the thing: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella.

Lexi's life is a bit of a shambles. She has a rubbish job, a rubbish boyfriend, name of 'Loser Dave', and an oddball family. She's out one night with her friends who are celebrating their bonuses - she didn't get one because you had to have been working a year for her company and she was a week short - and takes a really bad tumble while going for a taxi. She wakes up in hospital, bruised and battered, but things are not quite right. They tell her she was in a car crash when she knows she can't drive. She discovers she has expensive belongings, is in the private ward of the hospital and... horror of horrors... is married. Lexi, it appears, has lost 3 years of her life: she has amnesia.

Back at home with her husband, Eric, Lexi discovers she is wealthy. They live in a massive loft appartment and have very expensive tastes. To say she's bewildered is a gross understatement. Her next discovery is that rather than being an underling in her company, she is now the boss of her previous department, and worse... she was horrible, the boss from hell; her friends now hate her. But still, she has this marvellous new expensive lifestyle to compensate doesn't she? Her husband is good looking and attentive and clearly loves her? Well no, the reality is that he's a stranger now, one she doesn't love or even recognise any more. And then there's Jon, Eric's architect. Where does he fit into the equation? He's clearly suffering badly over Lexi's loss of memory. Somehow, Lexi has to rebuild her life, relearn all her work skills, get to know the people in her life again, find out who's lying to her and why and, most important, find out who she *really* is.

Let's get something straight - I'm not the world's biggest chick-lit fan. I do, however, love a bit of romance in my reading, so you'd think I'd be a big fan? No. The thing is, if I'm going to read a romance I want to be hit around the head with the emotions. I want to suffer with the characters, fall in love with the hero, hate him when there's some misunderstanding and the heroine is devastated and so on and so on. For some reason, chick-lit doesn't supply this for me; I find it insubstantial in the emotions department. Of course, I should add - rather sheepishly - that I'm no expert as I haven't really read loads of it; I perhaps ought to do a bit more research before I declare that I'm not really a fan...

Anyhow, all that said there's always an exception to the rule and for me that author is Sophie Kinsella. She's best known for her Shopoholic books of course and I like those well enough, but my favourite book of hers is a stand-alone, The Undomestic Goddess, or it was. Remember Me is now my favourite... I really, really enjoyed it. The plot accounts for a lot of that. It's an unusual situation and you suffer along with Lexi because you have no idea what's going on either. As the plot thickens, so to speak, and things get horribly complicated with her relationships and at work, it really is quite upsetting. No lack of emotion here... the pages whip by as you find you can't put the book down! Two nights in a row I've been up till 1.30am, despite a rotten cold, because I just couldn't stop reading. And now I've finished - the ending was very satifactory in every way - I feel quite bereft. Luckily, there's another of her stand-alones I haven't read and that's Can You Keep a Secret? Needless to say, I've just reserved it from the library.

This is book number 5 for my 'Support your local library' challenge.
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