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Not alone

Have you read...

There are two books I'm thinking of buying. One is Little, Big by John Crowley and the other, A Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin. The thing is, they're pricey. One's £12 from The Book Depository, the other £14 from Amazon. I like the sound of them both but just wondered if anyone here has read either of them and what they think? Would appreciate any input before I splash out that kind of money.


Just out of interest, abebooks.co.uk have several copies of Little, big for under £10 . The cheapest says it is in poor condition, but there are others which appear to be in fair condition. There is one at £4.30 in fair condition, even with postage should be cheaper than the prices above.
There are several copies of Winter's tale at less than £1!
Just a thought! If you are prepared to to buy secondhand, could save you some pennies. I have used Abebooks a lot and find it a very good service, it's essentially a clearing service for book dealers.
This so embarrassing... talk about not knowing what's on your tbr pile. I had a look this morning and discovered that I *have* a copy of Winter's Tale! I got it via ReadItSwapIt by the look of it, and it's sitting no more that 3 feet from where I am. *Head-desk* as they say.

That said your suggestion of a cheaper way to get the other book through ABEbooks is a brilliant one, so I'll be looking into that. Thanks, Rosie!
I read or tried to read Little, Big decades ago, and disliked it intensely. I cannot remember why, and many people whose taste I share like it, but it is unusual for me to take that strong a dislike, and not know why. If you do read it, I'd be very interested in your take on it, since our tastes seem to overlap. And even if you do like it, at least maybe I'd be able to figure out what my problem was.
Well, that's an interesting comment. I think I will get the book and it'll be very interesting to see what I think and compare notes. Thanks for your input.
It galls me that I cannot remember anything about the book, except for my reaction. I can go into great detail about most books I dislike.

Buy the cheap version so I don't feel guilty if you hate it too, and you can gloat if you like it!
Hi. I've friended you - hope that's OK. I'm a Pros fan who is also an avid reader and I'm always interested in seeing what other people read, and their opinions on books.
Hello! Yes, it's absolutely fine to friend me... good to meet another avid reader. I'll friend you back but will also probably friend you via my everyday blog - caffyolay -as I read that flist more than I do this one and I hate missing things. :-)