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Books set in Cornwall

I'm making lists again! Following my post, the other day, about Susan Cooper's Over Sea, Under Stone, I got to thinking about fictional books set in Cornwall.

And, being a lover of lists, (and railway posters - this one is by H.A. Trip) a new list was born - fictional books set, or with scenes in, Cornwall. This is for my own benefit really, so that I have a record online and not just in a folder. But if anyone passing through can think of any more, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Frenchman’s Creek – Daphne du Maurier
Jamaica Inn – Daphne du Maurier
Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier
The House on the Strand – Daphne du Maurier
The Loving Spirit – Daphne du Maurier
The King's General - Daphne du Maurier
Crossed Bones – Jane Johnson
The Poldark series – Winston Graham
Deep Down - R.M. Ballantyne

Romantic/women's fiction
Away From it All – Judy Astley
The Shell Seekers – Rosamund Pilcher
The Carousel - Rosamund Pilcher
A Week in Winter – Marcia Willett
The Cornish Legacy – Barbara Whitnell
The View from the Summerhouse - Barbara Whitnell
The Last Lighthouse Keeper - Alan Titchmarsh
Sea Music - Sara MacDonald

Zennor in Darkness – Helen Dunmore

Touchstone – Laurie R. King
The Murder Bird - Joanna Hines
The Lighthouse - P.D. James
The Wycliffe crime series - W.J. Burley
The Rose Trevelyan crime series – Janie Bolitho

The Jewel of Seven Stars – Bram Stoker
Cornish Tales of Terror - ed. by R. Chetwynd-Hayes

The Little Country – Charles de Lint

Children's/young adult
Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
Over Sea, Under Stone – Susan Cooper
Greenwitch - Susan Cooper
The Valley of Secrets – Charmian Hussy
The Mousehole Cat - Antonia Barber

There may well be more by Daphne du Maurier but, not having read all of her books, I can't say where the less well known ones are set. And I really do feel like there ought to be an Agatha Christie set there but can't put my finger on it.


Ooh, can I just object to a category called "Women's Fiction" because then there'd have to be "Men's Fiction" too, and before you know it...

And then can I suggest for that same category Stargazy Pie, if you ever come across it, by Laura Lockington, which I very much enjoyed a few years ago... *g*
Ooh, can I just object to a category called "Women's Fiction" because then there'd have to be "Men's Fiction" too, and before you know it...

Object away, it's a free country. But would you also do away with 'children's fiction' or 'young adult'? They're people-centric too. And no 'men's magazines' or 'women's magazines'? I'm afraid I'm just not a politically correct person - too old-fashioned.

Thanks for the rec. Will check that out and add it my list when I get a moment.
Ooh hello, I just detoured from work, and there you were! *g*

I don't think of myself as politically correct at all (not least because it's got nasty connotations these days), I just hate the implication that I shouldn't be interested in "men's magazines", that I should be interested in "women's magazines" and so on... Why can't I be interested in computer and photography mags - I usually am! And I'm not interested of reading about celebrities and lipsticks... But kids see this kind of labelling and assume that to be a proper "man" or "woman" they should be doing these things - or just as harmfully, that other people should be. Suddenly people are made to feel "different" and "wrong" for not fulfilling the stereotypes. Who says we've moved on, sex-equality-wise, in the last thirty or more years? Same effect, different, more invidious way of going about it, that's all...

Hmmn... /Wednesday arvo rant! *g*

Also, I was told when I was 11 that I was "too young" to read Lord of the Rings, because "it wasn't a children's book", so yeah, I might get rid of some of those labels too... (I read it anyway, understood it and adored it)

Although "children's" and "young adult" have slightly more specific reasons for being labelled that way - they're partly supposed to "protect" kids from inappropriate content, for example (whether you think that's right or not), whereas I'm not sure that men and women should be protected for each other's worlds... *g*
I really can't believe this rant you've stuck here in my blog, Jenny. Truthfully, I've had quite a bad day today and am in no mood to get into some stupid discussion about sex-equality when I happen to be a huge supporter of women's rights and so on. If you've read this blog at all and seen some of my rants about the way female characters are treated or written you must know that. To be frank I really object to being lectured on my own blog, on which, I should add, I have every right to write exactly what I want. Personally, I would not dream of doing what you've done to anyone. I think you've got a real cheek to be honest!
Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was lecturing or ranting, I thought I was just chatting about it, hopefully discussing it with you. Can quite see it wouldn't come across like that if you've had a lousy day - I didn't realise. Feel free to delete me or whatever you'd like to do, and again, so sorry that it came over badly...
PS - and I'd never dream of telling you what to write or think, and I certainly never thought you were anything other than fair and etc as you said above... again, I'm really sorry you got that impression from my comment.
Sorry, didn't mean to sound like I was lecturing or ranting,

Well, you did call it a rant yourself. *g*

Truthfully, I agree with everything you've said - it's all correct - and thus I really, *really* did not need telling in that manner. But I also have no problem either with 'women's fiction' or 'men's fiction' and see no reason why naming them as such might mean that no one else can read them. That's nonsensical.

I'm sorry to go off at you but I really do object to this 'pointing the finger' kind of thing. I also dislike disagreements of this kind but sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself when you feel someone is being just a little unfair.
I'm probably extra-sensitive to that sort of thing now, because I've heard a lot recently things like "No, you can't have that, that's for boys", and "You don't want to watch that, that's a boys' programme" and the like, from my landlady to her girl, and seemingly at random around one of the local supermarkets... But it was a generic rant, not directed at you - again, sorry.

I guess we both felt we were standing up for something we believe in...

I shall stick to talking about books in future though, I promise!
No worries, honestly. And that landlady of yours needs a slap quite frankly. I'll come and help you do it. ;-)
Poldark! I love that series, and how I wish I could find the old BBC series, with Robin Ellis as Ross. *kicks self for not buying it when I saw it*

Ouch--that hurt! ;)
Oh yes, the wonders of Poldark. I've never actually read the books to be honest but I adored the TV series to bits.
I love the Poldark series, too, especially the TV adaptation with Robin Ellis. I really liked Angharad Reece as Demelza.

I found one Cornish Agatha Christie, but I'm sure there are more. This is a link to "The Cornish Mystery", which features Hercule Poirot.

I've just done a search, as I remembered "Towards Zero", and thought that was set in Cornwall. This site lists several other Christie stories also set in Cornwall. (I'm a Christie buff, and have read nearly all of her stories.)

(I also seem to remember a fan fic I really enjoyed that was set in Cornwall. My memory's a bit fuzzy there, though. ;-)
Thanks for that - I'll check it out properly when I have a moment. I had a feeling that there had to be something as Agatha Christie did, after all, live in the next county to Cornwall.

(I also seem to remember a fan fic I really enjoyed that was set in Cornwall. My memory's a bit fuzzy there, though. ;-)

LOL! *cough*