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The librarian

A bookish day

The rain bypassed Spain yesterday and came down in stair rods in Devon instead:

So I had a bookish day with a visit to the library and Waterstones inbetween the torrential showers.

The aim at Waterstones was to get a copy of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer as I'm halfway through New Moon and absolutely loving it. But it was on offer as a three for two so I picked up a couple of other things too:

Palace Council by Stephen L. Carter is for Hubby so I don't really know what that is but the other one, Indian Takeaway by Hardeep Singh Kohli, the comedian and TV presenter, is an investigation into his Indian and Scottish roots. I'm a bit of a fan, so this sounded rather good.

And then I found that Waterstone's new edition of their most excellent book magazine, Books Quarterly, is out. After the last one came out I had to go and buy The Gruffalo for my grandson because the picture of the book on the front made him think it was his current favourite book! Heheheh. Anyway, here's this quarter's with its pic from Sarah Waters's new book on the front:

And then it was off to the library:

Three books from there - Another book by P.J. Tracy, the first in the series this time (I think...) A Georgette Heyer crime yarn, Envious Casca, (wonderful cover on that) and a short story collection by E.W. Hornung, Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman. I've never read any of the Raffles books so am really looking forward to trying that.

And this is the library pile as it stands at the moment:

I keep trying to get it down a bit. Which is a bit like Canute trying to stop the tide from coming in... *sigh*


I read Carter's first book, which was interesting but needed editing with a pickaxe! I have both the second and the one you've just bought to read. So I'll be interested in P's view on it.
needed editing with a pickaxe!

Heheheheh. ;-p I'll let you know what he thinks.

I do love your icon.
Your picture looks just like it was up here early yesterday and looking out of the window today as well.

Bookish days are good. I'll be interested in your thoughts on Raffles. I've read all the Hornung books and I really enjoy them.
It's cooler up there today then? I do hope so...

Funnily enough it was you I thought of when I saw the Raffles book. :-) I like this kind of old fashioned fiction so am looking forward to reading it.
Much, thank you - so much so all the windows are now closed and the fans are turned off and J is wearing a jumper *g*

*Smiles happily* I think you'll enjoy them, I do hope so.