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The Conjuror's Bird - Martin Davies

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The Conjuror's Bird by Martin Davies was one of Richard and Judy's book club books from earlier this year. I spotted it in the library recently and nabbed it as it sounded interesting. And it was. A quick, undemanding read it involved two stories - that of 18th. century scientist and naturalist, Joseph Banks, and his mistress, and a modern-day tale of the search for a stuffed, extinct bird. The two tales are of course interlinked and there's even a third one in there lurking somewhere. A good read especially if you happen to have an interest in birds, the history of exploration, or just enjoy a good mystery.

Current read: The Hounds of Morrigan by Pat O'Shea - a young adult fantasy book from the 1980s that I picked up years ago.


knowing that my second brain has read it and enjoyed it ;)

*eg* Truthfully, if the book was mine and not a library book I'd happily pass it on to you. If you can pick it up cheaper on eBay or Amazon marketplace or whatever I would. It's a good fun read, but nothing terribly deep.

You rec sounds like a good 'un to me to. Shall add it to my nerd's book list.