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I'm still only halfway through The Secret History by Donna Tartt (it's very good) so I thought I'd fill the silence with a recent acquisitions post. I still think I must be kidding myself that I haven't bought as many books as usual this year - these new book posts don't seem any less in number and nor have they less books in them it seems to me. Oh well.

This House of Sky is the autobiography of Ivan Doig - an unknown author to me - who grew up in the wilds of Montana.

Desirable Residences by E.F. Benson is a book of his short stories which I nabbed from my local Oxfam charity shop.

Rambles beyond Railways by Wilkie Collins is a record of various walks this famous author did around Cornwall in the 1850s.

The Mother-Daughter Book Club I saw blogged about and thought it was something I and my eldest daughter would enjoy. There's quite a bit about Little Women in it apparently, which I've read but not for donkey's years, so I got a copy of that to reread too. Any excuse...

Three books acquired from my eldest daughter:

Wild Designs by Katie Fforde - superior chick-lit.
Four Ways to be a Woman by Sue Reidy - no idea what this is but my daughter enjoyed it so...
Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg. Classic fantasy, the first of the Majipour books I believe, which I begged off my daughter as I quite fancy reading the series.

All I had to do was mention to my daughter and grandaughter that I fancied rereading Enid Blyton's 'R' titled books to see if they were still as magical and the grandaughter was off up the stairs like a shot and returned with this anthology. It includes:

The Rat-A-Tat mystery. "Someone knocks on the door of Rat-A-Tat house in the dead of night, but when Barney, Roger, Diana and Snubby go to answer it, no-one is there. Even more mysteriously there are no footprints in the snow." How good does that sound???
The Ragamuffin Mystery. "Merlin's Cove is the perfect place for a holiday, Roger, Diana, Snubby and Barney are looking forward to having fun. But who is the mysterious bearded stranger? And what is the sinister birdwatcher really looking for?"
The Rubadub Mystery. "Whilst staying at an Inn on holiday, Roger, Diana, and Snubby find themselves caught up in a police investigation. Who is the enemy agent at the nearby submarine harbour? Could he be staying at the Inn?"

Is it any wonder that kids still love Enid Blyton, even after 50 or 60 years?

I don't know what the other book is but my grandaughter wanted me to read it so that's fine.

And last but not least my current library pile.

Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman - E.W. Hornung (short stories)
The Various - Steve Augarde (new to me fantasy series)
Lord Jim - Joseph Conrad (heard mention of on Rick Stein's Asian cookery show and was intrigued. Heard of it of course but never read it.)
The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of his Mouth - Roger Zelazny (sci fi short stories)
A Rogue's Life - Wilkie Collins (random grab)
Rifling Paradise - Jem Foster (Aussie historical, random grab)
Jigs and Reels - Joanne Harris (short stories, random grab)

I think those are enough to be getting on with. :-)

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