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Peanuts - Sally

Latest books

I can't seem to settle to very much at the moment - book-wise I mean. I started The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers a few days ago, which is meant to be classic sci fi/fantasy, but just couldn't get into the thing. I suspect my mood is not right as the blurb on the cover makes it sound quite good.

Last week's read (previous to The Anubis Gates) was A Room With a View by E.M. Forster.

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I rather liked this tale of the English middle classes, set in the early 1900s. The first half takes place in Florence and deals with the English abroad, the second in the drawing rooms of Surrey and deals with Lucy, the main character, and her ill-advised engagement to Cecil. It's a comedy really and also a romance, but more than that it's wickedly observed, especially the terrible snobbishness that was rife at the time. That side of it reminded me of a regency novel with people who 'didn't quite do'. I imagine it was a snobbery that had lasted from regency times (and before that really) to the 1900s when things were beginning to change. The first world war must have helped things along too. A good and interesting read, only my second novel by Forster so there are lots more to go.

Current read: The Goblin Mirror by C.J. Cherryh. Picked this one up in a charity shop recently. Never read anything by this quite well known fantasy author but the minute I started it I was instantly hooked. What I've read so far is nicely creepy. Hopefully it'll continue to hold my attention.


"A Room with a view" is one of my favourite books. The film with Dames Judi Dench & Maggie Smith was great too!
Oooh, er... I didn't even know there *was* a film. Thanks for that, I shall look into it as I loved the film of Howards End.
yes, it came out in 1987. I have my original VCR of it, which you are welcome to borrow if you can not locate a copy.

You mention part of it was filmed in Surrey, there is a super scene with Mr Beeb,that was filmed at Silent Pool nr Dorking in Surrey.
I second the comment about the film, which is very tasty :-)

Have you read 'Maurice' yet? That's my favourite Forster, I think.
I shall certainly have to look into the film as I didn't know there was one. Realistically though, I suppose I should have realised. :-)

No, I haven't read 'Maurice' yet. I have it, along with 'A Passage to India', on my tbr pile. I'll move 'Maurice' a bit closer to the top of the mountain pile then. ;-)
Julian Sands is very tasty in the film, and Helena Bonham-Carter is just, well, to sigh for :-)

Maurice is one of the most beautiful and tender love stories I've ever *ever* read. Just gorgeous. Also made into a lovely film, in which the viewer gets to see James Wilby's arse. Which is worth seeing ;-)
It looks like I need to visit the dvd section of Amazon. Thanks for the tips. 8-)
P.S. Forster didn't actually publish that many novels, unfortunately - five were published during his lifetime, and 'Maurice' was published posthumously.
Oh gosh. For some reason I didn't realise that. Oh. So, 'not' lots more to go. :-(
I also assumed he'd have written scads of novels, like Henry James. I was gutted when I found out how few he'd actually published!!
I really love Anubis Gates. Last Call is by far his best work, but Anubis Gates is a close second.
I shall definitely return to The Anubis Gates. I've had one or two difficult days and I think my concentration just wasn't there. I've several books put aside for mid-winter reads and I'll add it to that pile I think. Have also made a note of 'Last Call'.