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The Goblin Mirror

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I wonder if it's a bad thing for a book to start really well and grip you from the first page? Not always I'm sure, but sometimes the only way from there is down and, from a great beginning, this one hurtled headlong into mediocrity after about 50 pages. The Goblin Mirror by C.J. Cherryh sounded quite good - two brothers and a wizard heading off to 'over-mountain' to find out what was wrong in the natural world in their own country. Their younger brother goes after them, gets lost and encounters trolls and a goblin army. Unfortunately, all the author did with this promising premise was to have them all wander around the woods for three quarters of the book. The beginning was good and the end wasn't bad - she just didn't bother about the middle. Too much waffle and too much mystic mumbo jumbo masquerading as plot. Such a shame. I'm glad I picked it up in a charity shop and thus didn't pay much for it.

Current read: Sabriel by Garth Nix. *Much* more promising.


I'm always surprised that more books don't have mediocre middles as I would imagine to write the beginning is exciting and the end would be a relief! (Or maybe that's just my perverse thinking!)

(Sorry, Caff, forget to log out of one journal to get into the other one).