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Cornish cliffs


I rarely read a series of books straight off without a break and Susan Cooper's 'Dark is Rising' sequence is a typical example: I've been reading it for about a year now. Greenwitch is book three in the series and I've just read it for the fantasy challenge I'm doing until mid-June.

The grail cup that children, Simon, Jane and Barney found in Cornwall and which they gave to a museum to look after, has been stolen. Great Uncle Merriman visits and suggests they spend the last week of their Easter holidays back in Trewissick to see if they can recover it. He joins them and with him comes Will Stanton from book two, unbeknown to the children, the last of The Old Ones and there to assist Merriman in the quest.

Simon, Jane and Barney don't take to Will at first and make life difficult for him... much to Merriman's annoyance. Then Barney is assaulted by a strange dark haired man while sketching the harbour, and his picture stolen. Why? Jane, being the only girl, is invited to the night-long ceremony of the Greenwitch where an effigy is built and thrown into the sea. It's a very odd night indeed, culminating in her making a wish...

There's a storm coming, literally and figuratively, and the dark haired stranger is at the centre and maybe even the cause of it. That night will be one of the most frightening Jane will ever experience. The children join forces at last to defeat this representative of the dark and, hopefully, recover the grail.

This is the book that brings together the three children from book one and Will Stanton from book two. It was nice to have them back in Cornwall (I've decided that Trewissick is probably Mevagissey) but I didn't find this book to be quite as good as the first two. It seemed to lack the same detail and atmosphere and felt slightly rushed to me. Nevertheless it was still entertaining and full of action and I'm looking forward to their continued adventures, this time in Wales I believe, in book four, The Grey King.

This was book four for my fantasy challenge. One more book to go... although I will almost certainly read more than the five books required. I'm quite pleased with myself that I'm actually reading the books in my pool for once and thus taking a few books off the tbr mountain. That is until the two new Temeraire books by Naomi Novik arrive, and I've also added The Snow Spider trilogy by Jenny Nimmo. So perhaps I should stop patting myself on the back quite so enthusiastically!


I loved the Dark is Rising series, but seem to remember that this one is the weaker link. I don't usually re-read books, but have got the DiR by my bed.
It's by no means a bad book but it's certainly not got the depth of the first two books. I don't a lot of rereading either.
Oh yeay The Dark is Rising! I like the second book best, though closely followed by The Grey King... I quite liked Greenwitch too - better than Over Sea Under Stone... hee - I should just have listed them in order of preference, shouldn't I! Two and four are absolutely my faves, though... Hmmn - perhaps I liked Will and Bran best, come to think of it... *g*
So far I've liked the first two best. Over Sea, Under Stone was very nostalgic for me because it felt like my Cornish childhood. The Dark in Rising is one of the best winter books I've ever read. Intrigued to know who 'Bran' is... *g*
I agree that Greenwitch is the weaker link although I usually read the whole series when it's time for a re-read. The second and the last remain my favourites.

Did you ever see the 80s tv series of The Snow Spider?
No, I haven't seen the TV series of The Snow Spider. Might have to check that out when I've read the books.