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Well, I am now the proud owner of a swish new Kindle.

It arrived the day after I ordered it, at 8.00 in the morning. I was flabbergasted. Especially as I'd been given a delivery date of a week hence. I'd been thinking of getting one for several months now. Several close online friends have them (looks shiftily at nakeisha) and quite a few acquaintances too and every one of them seems to love their Kindle. Then a couple of authors wrote and asked me to review their books and it turned out they were Kindle only. So I took the plunge and ordered... a bit shocked at myself to be honest as they're not *that* cheap and I'm still wondering if the expense is justified: I have a very large tbr pile so I don't really need it. That said, I'm chuffed to bits with it and love how nice it looks and how easy it is to use.

I'm not planning on filling it full of brand new books, I have to admit. A few maybe, but I'm more attracted by the free stuff available. nakeisha let me have a few URLs so I downloaded a clutch of books from this site last night:


Two Edith Whartons - The Custom of the Country and In Morroco. Also several pioneer type US travel books such as First Across the Continent by Noah Brooks and The Oregan Trail by Francis Parkman. And a couple of other sundry volumes such as South Sea Tales by Jack London.

The other site I really want to investigate is The Book Depositry's free book site: The Book Depositry

They have loads and loads of free items, many by Dodo Press by the look of it, who do some interesting titles of which I actually own several. I need just a bit (lot!) of time to go through the 13,000 strong list.

I know there are more sites out there too so am looking forward to investigating further. Plus one of the features is that you can put your own files on there, and for free now, by using the free.kindle address. So, if you're a fan fiction sort of a person you can carry that around with you as well as books. We're away for a few days at the beginning of April (Cornwall) so it'll be lovely not to have to haul a bag of books away with me, but to take my nifty new Kindle instead. I've almost managed to convince myself that I really did need it. ;-p


*Chuckles softly*

Oh, yes, you're hooked.

I've almost managed to convince myself that I really did need it. ;-p



I am indeed hooked. I've just been connecting it to our Wi Fi system. That was fun... 8-S ... but I think I'm there and it's just updating itself so hopefully I'm done. Hopefully.

Ah, yes, that kind of 'fun'. Yay! I'm so pleased.

Just think of all the space you'll save the next time you go away somewhere.