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Alien - reading


I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to the printed word, not just books but pamphlets, magazines and so on. Just to be contrary though I also like having a good clear out - which is what I did yesterday here in my study. Fannish stuff has a way of multiplying and taking over if you're not careful, *g* so I had a good throwing out session and what I wish to keep is now confined to one wide shelf at the top. Thus, I now have most of two long shelves almost empty for more books whatever I choose to put on them. *cough*

Truthfully, part of the reason for doing it was because I wanted to create a proper travel writing section, which is what I've done even though I don't, as yet, have very many - twenty or so. A browse on Amazon provided me with five more but as I was spending birthday money I don't feel too guilty about that. Can't wait for those to come; patience is not at all my strong point. I also picked up a copy of A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor who is a very well known travel writer from days gone by. This one, about his walk to Constantinople in 1933 sounds excellent. Picked that one up yesterday in a charity shop in Bovey Tracey along with Surfacing by Margaret Atwood. What on earth would us bookworms do without charity shops!

Still reading Stalking Darkness which is part two of the Nightrunner fantasy series by Lynn Flewelling. Rather busy at the moment, with one thing and another, so my time for reading is a bit restricted. Thoroughly enjoying it though. Good characterisation, lots of suspense and how nice to read a book where all kinds of sexuality is accepted as the norm. It's becoming a bit more common in books these days but is still very refreshing to discover in a series of books that are so much fun. The Birthday of the World by Ursula Le Guin was the last one I felt this way about.

And how's this for sad? I'm already considering making this a paid journal so I can get more icons! I can hear nakeisha's hysterical laughter from here even though I'm at one end of the country and she's at t'other.


What on earth would us bookworms do without charity shops!

Buy fewer books? Duh ;-) Seriously, I would be lost without charity shops. I suppose if they didn't exist, I would use the library more. But even though I'm not particularly materialistic about most things, I do like to *own* books, especially books I really love, and many of the books that I own today are books I first read as library books.

My reading would, I'm sure, be rather more limited if charity shops didn't exist. I'm willing to take a chance on a book costing £1, and take home books I would never gamble with if I had to pay full price.

As a would-be published novelist myself, I do feel guilty sometimes that I don't buy more new books - but that's fairly new thing, and it's only in the last couple of years that my buying of brand new books has tailed off; and really that's simply an indication of how much less 'spending money' I have these days.
I do like to *own* books

Yes, so do I. I'm not sure why this is, why I can't be happy just owning a few and mainly using the library. Perhaps I feel that buying books is an acceptable extravagance - you have to have something in life after all and I don't smoke and hardly drink. I buy some new books but am quite happy finding most of my buys in charity shops and on eBay. New ones are quite expensive and I would never buy as many new ones as I do second-hand. Thus, doing it that way we actually get *more* books. Method in our madness... ;-)
A girl who used to be on my f-list many moons ago always used to comment, whenever I made a post about one of my charity shop book hauls, about how many books I bought. Her tone always struck me as rather disapproving. I always felt as if I had to defend myself, as if I'd been caught out buying the most extravagent luxury.

But what really vexed me was that this girl was someone who ate out at least once a week and spent literally hundreds of pounds a month on clothes, shoes, make-up, drinks, etc. Somehow, those things are acceptable, but excessive book buying is considered (by non-bookworms) to be in some way suspect, I think :-)
You are so right. Somehow these people think it's okay to spend a hundred quid on a handbag, but buy books? Well, you must be profligate... Been there.
Thus, I now have most of two long shelves almost empty for more books whatever I choose to put on them.

Bet they won't be empty for too long!!!! The books - yes, books - will take over.

I'm already considering making this a paid journal so I can get more icons! I can hear nakeisha's hysterical laughter from here even though I'm at one end of the country and she's at t'other.

Me? As if. ::Looks innocent::

*Hysterical laughter* Takes over!
Bet they won't be empty for too long!!!!

I somehow think your money would be quite safe. ;-)

::Looks innocent::

Now *I'm* killing myself. ;-D
I somehow think your money would be quite safe. ;

:-)) Me too.

Now *I'm* killing myself


Not to do with books

Federer vs. Henman - 4th match on Centre Court today!

Re: Not to do with books

Arghhhhh! We're off out... still if it's 4th. we ought to be back in time. Shall answer your comment to this post later. P is hovering...

Re: Not to do with books

Two women's and one men's match on before him, so potentially eleven sets or at least seven. So yes, I'd say you'll be back in time.

I hope you had a nice trip.

Re: Not to do with books

Who are you rooting for?

Re: Not to do with books

Well being British... Henman.

Re: Not to do with books

Poor Tim, eh? Bit outclassed really, I felt so sorry for him. Thought it was a bit mad him being seeded to meet Federer so early until I heard that he'd been injured and thus wasn't seeded. So, now it's all down to Andy Murray.

Re: Not to do with books

He was indeed outclassed :-(

It was very unfortunate that Henman wasn't seeded and thus met Federer so early on. Oh, well... As you say it's now in the hands of Murray.

If he gets through today and Roddick gets through too, we have them meeting up in the next round, I believe.
I was so intrigued by the reference to Ursula Le Guin that I couldn't resist looking it up on Amazon and there was a "new/used" copy for a mere 34p. (I have never enjoyed sci-fi before starting to read Pros fanfic and I blame my "conversion" on Helen Raven, as I found her exposition of an alien world in "The Cook and the Warehouseman" amazing - so much detail constructed in her mind.)
So I splashed out and my copy of The birthday of the world has arrived. I'm about half way through it now and enjoying it so much, a similar rich and credible detail, and interesting concepts, about society and sexuality, that I don't think my imagination would ever have arrived at. Even better, the thought that there are others by her that I might also enjoy! So, thank you for the hint!
Oh, 'Cook' is fantastic. Some people hate it and I'm not sure why, but I adored it - such imagination HR has. Another Pros sci-fi I love is Suitable Gravity by DVS. Great fun.

I'm so pleased you decided to get a copy of Birthday of the World. You put a smile on my face when I read that because one of the reasons I got this blog was to spread the word about books I've enjoyed. My imagination would not have arrived at all those variations in relationships and marriages either! Amazing. The copy I read was from the library so I must get my own and reread it as I gobbled it up too quickly I feel. I've not read that much by her but Left Hand of Darkness is another 'Ekumen' one and deals a bit with sexuality - the last third of the story is quite slashy. I've read a couple of her very early books too and liked them and also Changing Planes which is short stories and based on the idea that you can be sitting in the airport and 'think' yourself onto another planet or plane. Great fun, I liked it. There's an awful lot of good stuff by her left to get though, which I'm pleased about.

Another sci-fi rec. for you is Gate to Women's Country by Sheri S. Tepper. hagsrus (The Hag in Pros) recced this author to me and I'm so pleased she did. This one is not shashy or anything, just a damn good yarn about the differences between men and women. I couldn't put it down. I've come to the conclusion that the best sci-fi is about people, not space ships.

And then of course there's Lynn Flewelling and her Seregil and Alec... :::soppy sigh:::

Tea break time, honest!!
Lovely to find someone else who loves TC&TW - I read it so often I had to download it and in the end I printed it - the only Pros story I've ever done that to! It's a bit bulky and awkward, though - might still buy it in zine/novel form if I ever see it!
Haven't tried Suitable Gravity, (scribbling madly on list of "books/stories to be read" Thank you for the notes on other ULG stories - also added to said list,.. dodges between teetering piles of bwtbr ,bg>! How nice to find that your blog is working already!
Here's a little rec for you, though you may already have read it - Not for England by Derby Brennan (on her website at http://www.partners-forever.co.uk/pros_notforengland.htm) It came up on Proslib in March. If you haven't read it, the reason I think you might enjoy it is that the second half is set in Dunster and B&D stay in the Luttrell Arms, possibly my favourite pub/hotel in all the world! You can follow their route round very accurately in your mind's eye if you know the village, as I suspect we both do.
Back to the grindstone!
I just wanted to say thank you for reccing this story, I really do appreciate it.

(Nikki/Darby under yet another alias).
Trying to clear my back-log of LJ comments. Sorry to be so long answering this.

As you can see Darby Brennan is a friend of mine, but that's one of hers I haven't read. I will try to do so asap.

It looks like Suitable Gravity is not on The Archive. I'm quite surprised by that, even though my copy is a paper copy that a friend gave me because she had it spare. Might be worth contacting Frances at Proslib to see if she know's where to get hold of it.
I've looked on the Proslib cd and on The Circuit Archive and on the Hatstand but I can't find Suitable Gravity mentioned anywhere. Is it only in 'zine format, I wonder?
Hints welcomed!