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I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to the printed word, not just books but pamphlets, magazines and so on. Just to be contrary though I also like having a good clear out - which is what I did yesterday here in my study. Fannish stuff has a way of multiplying and taking over if you're not careful, *g* so I had a good throwing out session and what I wish to keep is now confined to one wide shelf at the top. Thus, I now have most of two long shelves almost empty for more books whatever I choose to put on them. *cough*

Truthfully, part of the reason for doing it was because I wanted to create a proper travel writing section, which is what I've done even though I don't, as yet, have very many - twenty or so. A browse on Amazon provided me with five more but as I was spending birthday money I don't feel too guilty about that. Can't wait for those to come; patience is not at all my strong point. I also picked up a copy of A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor who is a very well known travel writer from days gone by. This one, about his walk to Constantinople in 1933 sounds excellent. Picked that one up yesterday in a charity shop in Bovey Tracey along with Surfacing by Margaret Atwood. What on earth would us bookworms do without charity shops!

Still reading Stalking Darkness which is part two of the Nightrunner fantasy series by Lynn Flewelling. Rather busy at the moment, with one thing and another, so my time for reading is a bit restricted. Thoroughly enjoying it though. Good characterisation, lots of suspense and how nice to read a book where all kinds of sexuality is accepted as the norm. It's becoming a bit more common in books these days but is still very refreshing to discover in a series of books that are so much fun. The Birthday of the World by Ursula Le Guin was the last one I felt this way about.

And how's this for sad? I'm already considering making this a paid journal so I can get more icons! I can hear nakeisha's hysterical laughter from here even though I'm at one end of the country and she's at t'other.
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