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New York, New York...

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What a lovely little book this is. Helene Hanff wrote 84 Charing Cross Road of course and the same sense of humour is present in this. Apple of My Eye is, obviously, about New York. The author was commissioned to do some kind of travel guide and, realising she didn't know the city as well as she thought, undertook to explore it with her friend, Patsy. Their adventures were great fun to read about (I loved Patsy!), even though I've never been to New York. I suppose so many TV shows and movies have given me a familiarity with it - The Equaliser and You've Got Mail being among my favourites. *g* Hopefully, I will get to go one day and this book has really whetted my appetite for the trip, even though it was written thirty years ago and I suspect much will have changed. anglersrest is next on the BC list for this one, hope you like it!

Next read: The Sea by John Banville.


Oh cool. I've never read that. Will put it on my list. :)
It was odd... they went to the top of the twin towers, despite both having a fear of heights, and I found myself wondering if I should do that if I ever make it to NY...
I knew there was something I liked about you--you loved The Equalizer too! :)
Wonderful series wasn't it? They don't make them like that any more.
Woodward is the epitome of class in that show.

BTW, is he still alive? I never see or hear anything about him anymore.
As far as I know, yes. I believe his health isn't wonderful and you're right, you don't hear much about him now. I will keep an eye out for info.
I loved it! Like you it whetted my appetite for a trip to New York. I also love You've got Mail and although I have it on VCR hubby bought it for me for Christmas on DVD, along with a copy of 84 Charing Cross Road which we watched over the weekend.
Did you like the film of 84 CCR? I thought it was beautifully done and very true to the book. Anthony Hopkins was particularly good I thought.
I loved the film. Its the sort you can watch again and again and enjoy it each time. I feel quite the same about You've Got Mail, which I must have seen in the years since produced on video at least 20 times! Agree, Anthony Hopkins was very good, in some ways his mannerisms were similiar in Remains of the Day.
I regularly watch You've Got Mail too. I love the idea of a small bookshop in New York... plus I like a good romantic comedy.

Yes... Anthony Hopkins mannerisms are similar in both films. I liked him in Howards End too. He has a very reserved style.
Oh yes, it has an appeal doesn't it. Until big bad Fox books buys everything!

Oh yes, I'd forgotten that Anthony Hopkins was in Howards End. It is a long time since I've seen that, despite having it on video. My favourite E M Forster novel that was made into a film is A Room with a View.