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Kindle book rec.

UK peeps with a Kindle who like Jo Walton's writing (Among Others, Tooth and Claw, What Make this Book so Great), her Farthing is only 99p on Amazon at the moment. It's part one of a trilogy, an alternate universe story set in WW2 where Britain didn't go to war but went for appeasement instead. It looks good. Details on Amazon here.

I grabbed it very excitedly as Walton is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors. Of course, there may also be a similar offer on other Amazons apart from the UK - I haven't checked.


*clickied*, thank you!

My list of 'to read' on my Kindle is now over 40, but it is on it!

My pleasure. It looks like a good'un. :-)
Okay, so I have now got around to reading this - and wow! Because I had left it so long, I had forgotten any blurb I might have read, and had no idea what to expect. Initially I thought 'this is just a rather... odd... country-house murder mystery.

And then it became very odd, and I realised that it was an AU, and some topics I don't normally expect in this sort of book came up, and suddenly it really mattered who had dunnit, because the consequences if the wrong person was framed were serious, and I really cared.

And then towards the ending, it absolutely raced along. And had me on tenterhooks. Thanks for this - just gone to Amazon and bought the other two in the trilogy. (So much for decreasing Mt TBR.)

So did you read it, too? What did you think? I'm trying not to say too much about it in case you haven't yet.
Noooo, I haven't read it yet. But am really delighted you found it *so* good... and only 99p too. I shall get to it now you've told me how good it is... also want to read her Tooth and Claw. I *will* get to them. :-)
Thanks for that useful tip! I've just started Dominion by CJ Sansom which has a similar theme.
I've read the first two of his Matthew Shardlake books and thought they were absolutely brilliant.
It's not on sale at Amazon.ca but I've found other things to tempt me such as Sepoys in the Trenches at $2.99.
Well that's a shame but I'm glad you found something else to tempt you. I shall go and look at the one that tempted you forthwith as it might tempt me too...