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Books read in March

March was another pretty good reading month for me. Ten books read again, bringing my total up to thirty books read so far this year. I suppose at some stage I'll slow down but at the moment ten books a month is feeling pretty comfortable. It could be I'm reading faster and also being inspired by the challenges I'm doing this year, including the start of Carl's Once Upon a Time VIII one, a week or so ago.

Anyway, these are the books: (Some of the links go to my other blog on Blogspot and others link to posts here.)

21. The Nine Tailors - Dorothy L. Sayers

22. Touch Not the Cat - Mary Stewart

23. Sisters of Sinai - Janet Soskice

24. West With the Night - Beryl Markham

25. Fer-de-Lance - Rex Stout

26. The Middle-aged Mountaineer - Jim Curran

27. Gentleman of Fortune - Anna Dean

28. A Woman of Consequence - Anna Dean. I haven't reviewed these last two because it's sometimes impossible to review everything. They're books two and three in the Dido Kent series and suffice it to say I absolutely love the series and each one is a delightful read.

29. Among Others - Jo Walton

30. Madame Maigret's Own Case - Georges Simenon (To be reviewed)

So that was March's reading. Funny how the first book is only four weeks ago but feels like years. I'm pleased with three non-fictions, all of which were interesting books, in the case of West with the Night quite enthralling actually. Several of the fictions were also excellent, The Nine Tailors, Among Others and the two Anna Deans. Of those four I think the award for my favourite book of the month goes to:


Brilliant book which will stay with me for a long time.
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