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Library - free know.

Librarians and libraries

A few gentle library smiles for a Sunday morning:

Charlie Brown




Conan the librarian:


Monty Python



Hope a little reading is possible for everyone at some stage today. Personally, I plan to do a lot of reading. :-)


Oh, I love these - thank you! That's a lovely start to Sunday on lj... *g* I've already been reading - and it's why I'm already a couple of hours late starting the work that I need to do (so I can have Tuesday off to go to London to meet a friend)... But I'm still planning more reading - I need to read a Once Upon A Time short story for the challenge! *g*

PS - my favourite is the second one, though... *g*

Edited at 2014-04-06 10:56 am (UTC)
Aren't they great. :-) I like the second one too.

Hope you get your work done and enjoy your day out on Tuesday.

Also hope you enjoy your short story, be interested to see what you find. I've just started a book for my 'Scottish' book challenge, Huntingtower by John Buchan, so I'm in 1920s Scotland today. (It's the first of a three book series the second of which is called Castle Gay *g*.)

Oooh - a Scottish book challenge? I like the sound of that... *g* I've been thinking about heading up to Scotland again, partly to do some family tree stuff, and partly just because I like it and it's been years since I was there last. Hmmn - I wonder if it'd be biting off more than I could chew by joining in. You know, you're a... a... you're such an influence on me now - getting back to reading so much may be my 2014 escape... *g*

1920s Scotland sounds rather fab too - I don't think I've read any Buchan, though I feel as if I should have...
Yeah, I'm doing four or five different challenges this year including a Scottish one. I've never been but we're hoping to get up there in October for the first time. My grandfather was from Aberdeen so I really think I should make the effort. *g*

LOL... yes I've been told I'm a bad influence on more than occasion. Here's a couple of links if you want to look at it. First the link to Peggy's post (she's hosting it).


As you can see it lasts all year and you can do as little as 1 to 4 books. Any genre of books about Scotland or by Scottish authors.

And here's the link to my own challenge post:


I'm doing Hebridean, 9 - 12 books. Just reading book 4.

As to John Buchan I *think* all I've read is 39 Steps but I may well have read others in the Richard Hannay series. Huntingtower is in another series about a Dickson McCunn, a retired grocer, getting himself into various scrapes. I think I'm going to like it, lovely descriptions of the Scottish countryside. Free on Kindle.
I don't use libraries, but I love these - huge fun *g*

Thank you for making me smile.
I thought a little smile would nice to start the Sunday off. :-)

My pleasure.
I'm feeling very guilty...I'm sure we've got a couple of books dotted around the house from about 50 years ago from libraries that no longer exist.(My dad's books, she hastens to add.)

Libraries are such a fanastic invention.
LOL. A couple of times I've bought books off the internet and what turned up was an old library book. Now I'm assuming they got it from the 'to buy' shelf you see in mnay libraries but who knows? *g* At least yours have a good home. :-)

Libraries are indeed brilliant.