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More bookish smiles

A few more bookish smiley things grabbed from sundry places like Pinterest, FB etc.





My favourite:


Not smiley but I love the quote:


This is stunning:


And lastly I really can't post at Easter without some bunny cuteness. :-)


Happy Easter!


These are all so lovely.

Thank you for sharing.
My pleasure. :-)
Happy Easter!

You've made me smile with your post here, which is amazing because a) I have a headache, and b) I have to work alot today - at something that hurts when you have a headache, waah!

But I love the idea of being an archaeolibrarianologist - it may be my next career move... *g*
Oh good. :-) But sorry to hear you had a wretched headache. Also sorry about the working. Hope you get it done quickly and can have some book time.

Yeah, isn't that a great word? I'd certainly do a job like that. LOL!
Thanks for these and Happy Easter to you as well!
My pleasure and thank you. :-)
Those are all lovely!

I hope your Easter was happy.
Glad you liked them.

Yes thanks, Easter was nice but rather busy. Glad now of some quiet time.