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Reading to cat

More Sunday smilies...

Lunch is in the oven cooking so I'm free to spend the morning playing. This might not necessarily be a good thing...



Binge reading


My favourite:


Who *wouldn't* want bookends like these...!


No idea who the artist is here but I love it:






Love them.
Glad you enjoyed them. I quite like doing these little random smiley posts on Sunday. :-)

And all the best people really *are* bonkers, imo. *Eyes both of us* *coughcough*

I did. What better time to do them.

LOL!!!! Oh, boy, you have a way with words. Love it!!!! (And yep, so true).
Yes, a lazy Sunday is a perfect time, imo. :-)

We are fully paid up and proud members of BonkersRus!
Indeed it is.

We certainly are *Beams proudly*
I like your Sundays... *g* And I especially like four, and best of all five! How brilliant is that..? *g* Thank you for smiley posts!
It's been a very nice Sunday. *g* I finished the book I was reading and have started Death by Silver. Somehow or other I managed to miss the fact that it has two gay chaps in it. How wonderful!

I like five too. *g*

Oh, so glad you're liking Mathey and Lynes! *g* And hee - yes, two chaps!
Love them all, especially: "Hi. I'm Terry Pratchett."

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh...
That's my favourite as well. :-D
Heh, I'm going though a huge 'binge reading' spell at the moment myself! I've just devoured the Jack Haldeans & am now onto Clara Benson's Angela Marchmont series. :)
I've just looked the Clara Benson books up on Amazon and Goodreads (they don't seem to be on Fantastic Fiction at all) and they do sound good. I'd not heard of them or the author I must admit. I'll definitely be adding them to my reading list for this year as I'm doing a Vintage Mystery reading challenge and those would be perfect.