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Sunday booky things

Hmm... this is fast becoming a habit this posting of bookish smiley things on Sundays. But I suppose there are worse habits. *G*



Can I help you find what you're looking for?


Ohhh, yes.


Yes, I'm this sad too...


What a brilliant use for an old fridge!


“Bookopolis,” an illustration by Eric Drooker for the November, 2006 issue of The New Yorker Magazine.


And I absolutely adore this one. 'Miss Marple reading on train. From Miss Marple Novels. Agatha Christie. The Folio Society. Illustrations by Andrew Davidson.'


And lastly... how true.



There definitely are worse habits *g*

And these are all great.
There are indeed.

Glad you enjoyed the bits and pieces. That Miss Marple one makes me want to read one of the books about her. I've never actually read any, can you believe that???

OOOOOOOH! Look at your icon! :-)))))))
I really did.

Wow? Really? Golly - you should rectify that.

*Grins* Pretty, isn't it? It begged to be make *Whistles*
I so agree: there are worse habits, and these are all great!
I shall not get into a terrible panic over my weakness then. ;-p
Heh, love 'em. I too have cried over books... (and over fanfic, I admit it)

What, you have never read Miss Marple? I love her, I think she's much more fun than Hercule Poirot, with her endless village parallels and insistence of believing the worst. (Although for 'fun-loving', you want Christie's Tommy and Tuppence characters....)

I think the first Miss Marple I read was probably A Murder Is Announced. The BBC did a fabulous dramatisation of that - and all the Miss Marples - in the 1980s (but watch it after you have read the book, obviously :))

Glad it's not just me. *g*

Nope... I've seen pretty much every dramatisation on the TV, Joan Hickson, Geraldine McEwan (not keen) and Julia McKenzie, my favourite being Joan Hickson. But never read any of the books as far as I remember. I did read AC in my teens but am pretty sure the books did not include any MM or HP. I seriously need to put that right and probably will this year with my Vintage Crime Writers challenge.

Joan Hickson spoiled me for every other version - marvellous! And she really did fit it so perfectly that I am sure that if you read the the books, you will see and hear her again. The way she talked about 'gels', and the fabulous accent on 'a body? in the libraih?' (I can't reproduce that properly, but she was just perfect.)