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Smilies and such...

I haven't done a smilies post in yonks... May in fact... so as The News seems to be permanently awful at the moment, here're a few smiley and pretty book things to lift the gloom a bit.


My mantra:


It wouldn't be a smiley post without cats!




Well quite.


More cats:


Who doesn't love a bit of Harrison Ford?

Han Solo



So pretty. Art by Larry MacDougall.

Larry MacDougallx2

Still reading lots of vintage crime and this sets the scene beautifully:


A cool cover for those of us finding it just too hot at the moment.


And a sentiment I think most would agree with just now.



Perfect way to start the day - thank you! I love these posts of yours... *g*

Also, when I get my work done, my plan is to review the books I've been reading! I really need to get into better habits of doing it one at a time!
Your post yesterday reminded me I'd collected quite a few I hadn't used so here they are. *g*

Same problem so what I've been doing is writing two draft posts on Blogspot, one for non-fiction the other for fiction, both will have three books in. That way when I've finished three books for each post I can post it without having to kill myself catching up. And all I'll need to do is cut and paste here. Works for me. :-)
Oh, I love these.

What a great way to start the day.

Such fun; so true and . . .

*Stares longingly at the 'Studies of Trees in Winter'.

Thank you for sharing.
Glad you enjoy them. *Hugs*

Yes, the snowy trees one was for thee and me. :-)

My pleasure.
*Smiles* I did wonder.

And jolly lovely it was too.
The house cleaning one strikes a particular chord!
You too? LOL!
It's the house cleaning one for me too, although I can relate to all of them. Well, maybe not the wintry trees, because I've had ENOUGH of winter! Although in six or seven months' time I'll be complaining of being too hot. ;)
I can relate to most too. *g*

Oh, of course it's winter there... I keep forgetting. I'm at the annual stage of saying that it's too damn hot! Though I realise of course that British 'too hot' bears no resemblance whatsoever to Aussie 'too hot'. *G*