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Only three books read this month (and one of those was read mainly over the Christmas period). That's poor, even for me. The explanation is that RL has been trying. Another couple of weeks and things should return more to normal, where at least I will have days where I can choose to read for a couple of hours if I wish. That's been impossible for the last four months, other than the odd day. I don't mind admitting it felt wonderful when the opportunity did arise... though me being me I had to let a wee bit of guilt creep in didn't I?

Anyway, my books for January. All three of them. 8-]

1. Christmas Angel - Jo Beverley (350 pages)
2. The Little Country - Charles De Lint (650 pages)
3. The Magicians' Guild - Trudi Canavan (460 pages)

Actually, looking at the page count it's not so terrible. Officially, I'm not doing the 50 book challenge this year, but mentally I suspect I am - if only out of interest to see how RL will affect the number of books I manage to read. I want it to be 'not at all' but realistically I can't see that happening. The important thing I think is to make sure I keep on reading and don't allow the demands of RL to rob me of something I love doing so much.

Current read: Indian Summer - Will Randall. More tales of teaching in foreign lands.
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