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Book addict

Books, books and more books and even a jigsaw puzzle!

This is one of those bits and pieces sort of posts which actually I really enjoy on other people's blogs but hardly ever think to do myself. I really need to change that.

First up, following my previous post about Roman Blood by Steven Saylor I got several lots of recs and also began looking into what was around in the way of other books and series about Ancient Rome. So I made a little list in case others might be interested and for future reference for myself.

1. Roma Sub Rosa by Steven Saylor. A series of 12 (so far) historical crime books about an investigator called Gordianus the Finder. Lent to me by a friend who I can cheerfully blame for starting all this...

2. Medicus Investigation by Ruth Downie. This is a series of 6 historical crime books featuring Roman doctor, Gaius Petreius. Recced on Facebook by a friend.

3. Master of Rome by Colleen McCullough. An historical series recced by Margaret at Booksplease.

4. Marcus Didius Falco by Lindsey Davis. Another historial crime series. Recommended by Val at Erasmus our Alaskan Cat's blog.

5. Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. An Historical series written for children but which anyone can enjoy I gather. (I've not read them.)

6. I, Claudius and Claudius the God by Robert Graves. I watched the wonderful BBC series years ago but have not read the 2 books.

7. Blood Games by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Book 3 in her vampire 'St. Germain' series. I read it back in the 1980s when this American writer's books were very hard to obtain (no internet then). I loved this Ancient Rome instalment.

8. Pompeii by Robert Harris. An historical which I think sounds rather good.

9. Eagle in the Snow by Wallace Breem. Another one that I thought sounded rather good.

I'm thinking there must be a lot more out there and in fact Goodreads has a list: here but it's hard to know from that what's good and what's not so good. So any recs are most welcome.

I also made myself a shelf on Goodreads of books that I would myself would like to read :

My Ancient Rome shelf

Next up, some photos of recent book acquisitions. Firstly, a couple of birthday books and a couple I bought myself:

From the bottom:

The Golden Age of Murder by Martin Edwards
The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro (B/day gift from youngest daughter.)
Dr. Thorne by Anthony Trollope
Burglars can't be Choosers - Lawrence Block (B/day gift from friend.)

Next, the books I bought myself for my birthday because I fancied some Mark Twain:

A Tramp Abroad
Following the Equator
Life on the Mississippi

Such gorgeous covers. I've read A Tramp Broad before but the other two I've not read yet.

And to end this post another photo. My eldest daughter lent me this jigsaw puzzle to do and I thought the subject matter perfect to post here.

You should be able to click somewhere on this photo to get a full-sized version and thus read all the bookish pun titles.


J has and has read a lot of the Steven Saylor books.

Ah, Rome . . .

Oh, wow, that jigsaw is stunning.
Oh, that's interesting that J's read some of the Steven Saylor books.

J gave the puzzle to W for Christmas. It's proving popular. *g*

Love your icon!
I must ask him which ones; I think he's read all of that series at least.

I bet it is.

Thank you. I snaggled the picture as I loved it and turned it into an icon.

I have just asked him and yes, he has read that series. He says you should read them in order as they do have continuity. But I'm sure you were planning on doing that anyway.

Edited at 2015-06-05 09:38 am (UTC)
Just getting to a few older comments. *g*

Yes, I do like to read series in order if I can. So I started with the first book after getting a bit confused because he's written a couple of prequels and I wasn't sure if I should read those first. I was advised not to though, so I didn't. *G*
I remember tracking down a copy of Blood Games in a bookshop near Holloway Prison. Otherwise, I had Yarbro's books sent from Canada. I liked that instalment, too.

You might like Gillian Bradshaw, especially Island of Ghosts.
I liked the early CQY books but later books seemed not to be as good for some reason. A real shame as I love the character of St. Germain.

I'll have a look at Gillian Bardshaw. I've heard of her for some reason.

It might just be that they were much of a muchness. I never liked the way she wrote her villains. I enjoy reading the early ones over again from time to time and I like the short story collection.

Bradshaw's been writing for a long time so you could easily have stumbled across her.
I loved the series by McCullough. You could tell that it was very well researched. I have Harris' Pompeii, but have yet to read it.
The McCullough series seems to be well respected so I'll definitely get to those at some stage. Definitely going to read Pompeii too.