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The Traveller

Indian Summer - Will Randall

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I seem to be reading Will Randall's travel books back to front. The first one I read was his third, Botswana Time, which I liked a lot and actually led me to the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. This one, Indian Summer, is his second and, as the title suggests, is set in India. Once again it was good read.

After accompanying an elderly lady to India, Randall meets a man in a cafe and is eventually persuaded to spend some time teaching in a charity school in one of the slum areas of Pune (Poona). The kids are amazingly resilient, cheerful and eager to learn given their backgrounds, which are mostly very sad. Randall compares them to the self-centred brats in his last British school and wonders where we went wrong. So do I. All Indian life is here, the poverty, the struggle for survival, the affluent side of Indian life, and the weird. I liked this one a lot, finding it poignant and thought provoking. I have Solomon Time on my tbr pile... his first book *g* and look forward to reading that.

Current read: The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella. Enjoying it much more than I expected... loving it actually. ;-)


I'll have to get this! Thank you for the rec. I do enjoy his books.
He has a new one out soon but I'm not sure if I'll find it very interesting - it's all about how he became a chalet *girl* in Switzerland. I'm used to him doing 'teaching in deprived countries' sort of books. But I might give it a try.
Hmm. It does sound a bit odd, doesn't it?

BTW, I just finished Holmes on the Range by Steve Hockensmith. I read it in one sitting - enjoyed it a great deal. I liked the two 'heroes' a lot. I'll be looking forward to his next book (next month).