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Autumn - leaves


Autumn is almost here (our weather for the past few weeks in the UK has felt like it's already here) and with it comes the annual Readers Imbibing Peril challenge, or RIP for short. This year is its 10th. anniversary and to mark that Carl, who usually hosts it, is handing the reins to the ladies at The Estella Society. Nothing else has changed though, the Perils are still the same and so are the rules etc. So without further ado, R.I.P. X:

This lovely artwork is used with the kind permission of Abigail Larson.

As always there are various different ways to participate, you can just read a number of novels of your choice, you can read short stories, watch films, take part in the group read and so on.

As usual, I shall be doing:

Peril the First: Read four books, any length, that you feel fit (the very broad definitions) of R.I.P. literature. It could be King or Conan Doyle, Penny or Poe, Chandler or Collins, Lovecraft or Leroux…or anyone in between.

I may also do:

Peril the short story. Which is to read short stories over the weekends or at other times if you prefer.

The rules:

1. Have fun reading (and watching).
2. Share that fun with others.

The kind of books to read:

Dark Fantasy.

Anyway, I have selected a few books I'd like to get to and these are they(double click for a clearer view):

Which of these I'll get to I'm not sure, hopefully all of the novels, plus one or two that I have on my ereaders, and a reread of some of the short story volumes. We shall see.

Hope everyone has a lot of fun with RIP this year and many thanks to Andi and Heather at The Estella Society for


I thought it was October again - and now that you've posted, I remember that the same thing happened last year - *headdesk* But hurrah - I shall rush over and sign up... oh, where shall I sign up from? I was going to be so much more organised about book-blogging... I guess I'll just go from here, since I'm here. *g*

Love your bookshelf-to-read - and ohmigod! The Giant Rat of Sumatra! I thought that was a thing made up as part of another series of stories that I adore (Charm of Magpies by K.J. Charles)! I'm going to have to look that one up!

ETA - that's a Sherlock Holmes story?!

You inspired me to start reading even before I got around to reply too - I began House of the Living Deed over coffee... *g* Thanks so much for the reminder post!

Edited at 2015-09-01 09:28 am (UTC)
Oh yes, I remember that from last year. You were extra busy too if I recall and didn't really have heaps of time to read for the challenge.

Yes, The Giant Rat of Sumatra is a Sherlock Holmes story. My grand-daughter tells me (huge 'Sherlock' fan) that it was only referred to in an ACD story and never mentioned again. So other writers have been making up and writing the story themselves. And if you look on Goodreads you'll see there are a few others. But I got this one free over on my other blog so this is the one I hope to read. And thank you for finding the right cover over there... I couldn't see it.

House of the Living Deed is quite good fun, not 'brilliant', but enjoyable.

Hello! I just happened to be sitting here when your reply came in, and then I had to go and check on RIP IX - and of course it was when I had house-moving chaos! When it started I'd just moved to Somerset three days before, and by the time it ended I'd looked at lots of houses, finally found one, moved into temporary accommodation with the landlords before moving in here! I managed eleven books though, which wasn't too bad... *g*

Oh, I'm chuffed I found the right cover for you over there - completely by accident! I was confused at first cos I only saw current editions that looked like they must have been published recently - and I could see that yours didn't! It's fun - I keep finding wee connections to the Magpie books... *g*

I keep meaning to ask, btw - did I lend you Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, by any chance? I was convinced I must have packed it with the Terry Pratchett and Arctic precious books that I've lost, and then I had a vague itching of memory... I'm crossing my fingers, now!
Ohhhhh yes... now I remember. I knew you were quite seriously tied up with something or other but couldn't remember what. With all that going on eleven books was brilliant.

How strange that there's a connection with your Magpie books. I love these little connections between books and seem to find them all the time.

Yes, you did lend me Fangirl and I read it towards the end of last year I think. For some strange reason it's never made its way back to you and I must apologise for that. I've put it to one side for next time I see you or I can easily post it on. Happy to do either.
As I mentioned to byslantedlight, I'm seriously thinking of participating in this. It would be very cool if there were several of us involved in it.
Oooh, I hope you do give it a go! It would indeed be cool if several of us were all doing it together.